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I Started Blogging In 2020 And Here's What Worked For Me

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 I'm Jay. If you don't know me, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I started blogging in 2020 because I love to style my clothes differently and showcase them on social media platforms.

My journey started because of my mom. This happened during the pandemic in May. I was reading a book when my mother, a YouTuber herself, sent me a youtube link to a video about "blogging and benefits" made by a tech channel. After watching that video, I took an interest in learning more about this. Later, my mom suggested that I start blogging about the fashion I do in my daily life. Since then, I have been writing about fashion on a website  that I created, and I also started posting my pictures on various social media platforms.

As an influencer, my favourite thing is to help people look good in the clothes that are available to them and interact with them and solve their fashion and looks-related issues.

I want to give a few tips that helped me get through my journey for the new beginners.

1. Be Consistent

If you start as a fashion blogger/influencer, make sure you are consistent with your content.

2. Know Your Followers

Post the content that your followers like, learn what kind of content your followers want.

3. Keep Up With The Trends

Keep your eyes and ears open to all the Instagram trends, so you know you are posting popular content.

The three things I feel men can do for good mental health are:

A. Get good sleep

Stop yourself from thinking about anything before sleeping; just calm your body and mind.

B. Join a gym

Get good exercise and keep your body healthy and fit.

C. Say no to addictions

Avoid alcohol or any addiction since it makes you mentally unfit and less creative.

My favourite bloggers are Vaibhav Keswani, aka Pehenawah, The Formal Edit, aka Karron Dhinggra, who are like my fashion mentor. I have learnt a lot about styling from them.

Last but not the least, Ranveer Allahbadia, better known as 'BeerBiceps', has taught me how to stay calm and the importance of meditation in life. It has really helped me with my creativity and thinking of new innovative ideas to style my clothes.

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