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I Need To Flirt But That Does Not Mean I Am Cheating On My Wife

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'Love', a wonderful world and beautiful feeling to concur the world with the word.

My love life had always been amazing. I had a few girlfriends in the past and relations didn't work out as it was difficult to stay together, but all were really kind hearted human beings and I enjoyed their presence in my life.

Then 4-5 years back, I met the love of my life. A beautiful, humble, honest friend and a really warm soul to love and stay with. I decided to propose to her. Even after lots of difficulties from families' perspective, we got married. Just after the marriage, to fulfil her dream, we planned a baby.

We received a really beautiful bundle of joy in a short time and it looked like the best story so far. But, after 3-4 years of this matter, today things are not going as it is. We are happy but this happiness is going down. Lots of arguments and scarcity arises in our life every day and every Whatsapp been judged.

Being an Arian, I need a little me time and some flirts with few friends(women readers won't like it), but this is just temporary. I still love my wife a lot but feel burdened and pushed to walls, with the kind of person she is turning herself into.

It's difficult to explain and rather hurtful to convince that I don't cheat on her. Because in real, I never have and neither do I intend to.

Life took a U-turn when my crush from old days became a friend and started showing lots of attention towards me and even told me that she likes me. She is a much more mature person than my wife and her problem is that she wants to meet up. I am denying it as I m weak at this moment.

Don't know what to do, where to go, whom to talk to. The one I was supposed to talk to, won't understand and the one I talk to, may take advantage.

In between, my little bundle is shaping up my life.

Can anyone be my friend and give honest suggestions?

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