Ghost Confession

How I Learnt To Live With Ghosts

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*For representational purpose only.

This is my own narrative.

I've been able to see and feel ghosts since I was three years old. It may seem strange, amusing, or false, but it's true.

My first contact with a spirit occurred when I was three years old while visiting my father at his workplace in Khapoli. We had a place to stay there. I informed my dad about a balloon hovering near the fan on night three. 'Dadda a balloon,' I said. He recognized it and immediately placed holy oil on my forehead before beginning to pray. The balloon exploded at 3:30 a.m. My father knew what I was talking about because he has seen and observed six ghosts walking hand in hand. Following that, the home and nearby enterprises were shuttered.

At the age of 16, I had my second encounter. For summer break, I went to Alibaug, LoanGhar village with a friend's family. We were saying our prayers the same evening we arrived. Outside the window, I noticed a young child racing around a tree with a teddy in her arms, but she was gone in the following 5 minutes. When I inquired who the girl was, my friend said, "Are you sure you spotted a girl since there are no kids around here and the other home is pretty far away from ours." As a result, I just forgot about it. They don't have electricity after 10 p.m. for 30 minutes or an hour since they live in a rural region. As a result, we were all sitting on the veranda, playing Antankshri.

I was alone when I entered the house since I had left my phone in the bedroom. Suddenly, I notice a lady, but I could only see half of her body. She was crying and wanted to share something with me. I was about to approach her when something unexpected happened, and I bolted out of panic. I didn't say anything to anyone that night. We were driving to Ratnagiri for a visit the next morning, and I told my friend and her mother about the event. After a day, I phoned my parents and told them what had happened. My father was ready to pick me up right away, but I insisted on staying with the friend's family for a week. I saw the same lady for 5 days in a row. I survived this because of the help of a prayer warrior who guided me to pray and have the courage to face it. 

The next day, I spotted her calling me to the field behind the home. I didn't take it seriously since I wasn't in the right frame of mind or had lost my senses to grasp what was going on or who she was. I'm not sure why she's contacting me. I stayed there for a week, and I still ask myself, "What if she harms me?" Was it possible that I had lost my senses and stayed with a spirit? We haven't been back to the location since that happened. My friend's uncle owned the home. Although he did not believe me.

Following this experience, I began to sense and see spirits. My terrible nightmares do come true on occasion. This is something I've come to accept as a gift from God.

When I have a terrible sensation that a ghost is there, I can feel everything chilly around me, even if it isn't. . For some time, I get a fever. Then, after saying my prayers, I'm a little more at ease.

This happens to me when I visit unfamiliar areas or travel late at night. Even my holidays have been ruined as a result of this. I can still sense and see them. My family is aware of the situation. I'll never be able to thank God enough for saving me and for keeping me safe.

Although not all spirits are evil, you never know. I've embraced this gift as a part of my life, and prayers have kept me going.

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