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He Fell In Love With Her And It Turned Out To Be A Life-Long Pain That Won't Go Away

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Arya had just begun to study for his 10th and this was the most important time of his life. He was pretty sincere with his studies, but not with his dressing and looks. He had the fear which we all shared and that was mathematics. So he joined classes for it where he met her for the first time. Her name was Shikha Kapoor and she had a sensational stature, with a great face and a fantastic example of 'beauty with brains.’

Arya didn't notice her at first, but after a couple of days, he started checking her out.

He started noticing her activities, her every minute detail. Soon, he had fallen for her, not knowing that he was welcoming a life-long pain. He started talking to her, but she had an attitude issue. She used to talk rudely. He neglected that because he was just in love with her. Even if she had stabbed him, he would have accepted it gleefully. They started talking every day at class. Soon, they became good friends. But Arya was dreaming of having her as his everything.

Shikha and Arya opted for a similar course after 10th but from different institutes.

They used to meet usually. Just like in every Bollywood movie, Shikha didn't know about Arya's feelings. He used to daydream about her, every day. Days went by and Arya's love deepened for her. One day, he found her number and soon started to text her. It used to cost him 60 paise per SMS but every day, for the next 4 months or so, Arya messaged her. Sometime he would even leave him 4 to 5 messages per day. But she never replied until one morning, she sent a message. It was a casual message stating that he was a 'donkey'.

Seeing Sikha's message, he jumped in joy for almost half an hour.

Their chats began. It went well for some months. If Shikha would need anything and Arya knew about it, he wouldn't let any stone turned. But it wasn't a love story which was meant to be. She had another lover too, Ganesh. He was a violent cynical type. Whilst Arya was dreaming about marrying her, Ganesh behaved like he owned her and didn’t let anyone else near her.

Shikha didn't know about any of this but soon enough, Ganesh found out about Arya. He tried to intimidate him and in the process, she also came to know about Arya's feelings. She stopped texting Arya and he was heartbroken. But this wasn't over.

Ganesh would torture him at every opportunity he used to get.

He underperformed in his exams, too. Arya's parents got to know about his feelings towards Shikha and they weren’t happy. They became more strict and he started studying well again. He even aced in his next semester. One day, he found Shikha on Facebook and sent her a request. She accepted it and they both started chatting again. Their classmates came to know about it and they would tease her by his name.

So she decided to insult him by saying, “You’re such a boring guy. Even if you like me, I don’t.”

It made him furious. He unfriended Shikha and cried a lot that day. Days passed by and so did years, but his pain did not heal. They both had passed their masters. Ganesh was working in a Construction Company and Arya got into a relationship with another girl. That girl was aware of his feeling for Shikha but even after that, she was very supportive. Every guy in the city knew about how much he adored her.

Once, he proposed Shikha and tried to convince her that he wasn’t the same like before. He had grown up and was all practical about things, but she still said no. She had someone else in her life. And Arya had a relationship to get over her, but things went pretty bad. After all, he couldn't forget her. He was angry, even after so many years, he hadn't forgotten the insult.

But his love for her still remained intact.

They met once recently and also took a selfie together. He stored that picture with great caution. His friends still ask him about her and even tease him sometimes. They try to console him by saying that she was never his type. He always knew this but still, he couldn’t stop himself from loving her. Whenever they ask him what he would do when she gets engaged, he smilingly replies,

“Ek tarfa pyaar ki taqat hi kuch aur hai. Auro ke rishto ki tarah ye do logon mai nahi batti. Sirf mera haq hai ispe.”

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