All You Need Is Someone Who Understands What Feelings Really Mean

Aatish Chinar Aatish Chinar in Stolen Diaries on 26 November, 2017

Mystery is always shrouded in normalcy.

Unaware of it, Abhi was getting ready for college and was eager to reach on time. He was not going there to attend lectures but to give a lecture.

As a lecturer of English, he was quite popular among his students, but currently he had a new assignment; to teach in a girl's college.

Deep down, he was slightly tensed about how would the college and new students be?

These questions kept running in his mind, but he decided to face the situation. Like always, he entered his class with a beaming smile and introduced himself.

"Hi folks, I am Abhishek, your new English lecturer.”

"Good Morning sir,” said the girls in unison.


"Hmm… Before starting today's lecture, let's play a game," said Abhi.

"Which game sir?" asked a voice.

"And your name is?" he quizzed. "Siya", came the reply.

“Siya, this is the game of words, I'll write a word on the board and all of you have to write around 50 words about it, simple isn’t it?" Abhi smiled.

He took the marker and wrote the word “Feelings” in bold and capital letters.

Abhi gave the girls 15 minutes to write whatever they thought about this word.

All the girls started mumbling to each other and the lecture hall was filled with noise. Abhi decided to subdue the noise and said, "No whispers, please write exactly what you feel, and yes, once it is done, come here and read it aloud.

Fifteen minutes passed; he adjusted his glasses and stole a sideways glance and stood up. “Time up, girls," he said in a playful voice. He quickly scanned the class and signaled a girl to come ahead.

“Your name?" he asked. "Zuni," she replied. He calmly instructed Zuni to read what she’d written about the word on the board.

All eyes were on Zuni; she took a slow breath breath and started reading.

“Feelings is what we are made of, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes bewildered is who we are. Feelings give us memories to cherish.

I can't tell you how I feel when I think of my mother who gave birth to me and for my papa who is the best man in my life. I’m always amazed when I think of my sister. My feelings for all of you whom I love can be expressed only in these two words, ‘Thank You’.”

“Wow!” Abhi was amazed at how simple and well Zuni had written. She nodded and went back to her seat.

A hundred eyes turned to her, some in envy, some proud, but Abhi knew what he had found.

Soon the bell rang and the class was over. Abhi bid goodbye to the class and went to the canteen to grab a bite. Zuni followed him to the canteen.

“Thank you, sir, once again," she said. "You're welcome, come join me," Abhi offered and stood up to drag a chair for her. "No sir, maybe some other day. Thanks for the offer, I wish I could join you,” she said in a sad tone and took his leave. Abhi watched her going and a smile came to his lips.

He remembered his college days when Priya did the exact same thing.

He took out his journal and wrote, “When something is left unsaid, it keeps the hope alive.”

Abhi finished his meal and headed towards the library mumbling a song. There, his eyes met with Zuni’s. There was an excuse in her eyes while in Abhi’s eyes there was hope; the hope of finding someone who understands what feelings really mean.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because our feelings make us who we are and keep our hopes alive.