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All He Knew Was That He Would Continue To Love ‘The Love Of His Life’ Till His Dying Day

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One fine day, Andrew was heading towards Belgravia to get himself a beer. It was raining heavily and he was thoroughly drenched. He hated carrying an umbrella with him. He ordered a beer for himself as soon as he entered the pub. A romantic movie titled ‘The Fly’ was being screened in the pub. He watched the movie with a cynical smile as he waited for the beer that he had ordered.

He noticed a beautiful lady approaching his table. She too ordered a beer and sat down next to his table. Andrew finished his beer and left the pub. He headed towards the bus stand. It was raining heavily outside. Suddenly he realized that someone was screaming. He turned back and saw that the beautiful lady who had seated herself next to his table was calling out to him. He stopped and turned around.

The lady came and offered to share her umbrella with him. Andrew did share the umbrella with her but he was perplexed by his own intuitive behaviour. He wondered why he had not refused her offer.

They both headed towards the bus stand without talking to each other. They boarded the same bus and he saw that the lady alighted at Victoria bus stop. She asked Andrew to keep the umbrella with him. Andrew wanted to ask her about her address so that he could return the umbrella to her but she had already left by that time. Andrew wondered why she had offered him her umbrella. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he missed his stop. He got down hurriedly at the next stop and started walking towards his home.

When he woke up the next day, he looked at the umbrella and wondered how he could find her. He wanted to return the umbrella to her. But he did not know her name or have any contact number. He did not even know her address. He decided to go to Victoria bus stand and find her. Andrew waited at the bus stop till 11 p.m. but could not find her. He continued to do this for the next couple of days and was very upset about not meeting her again and gave up.

He continued to live his life normally and dealt with the same set of family problems. He took care of his son though he quarrelled frequently with his wife over silly things. Somehow he could not forget the face of the lady whom he had met in the pub. He had even started dreaming of her.

So he finally decided to go to the pub and look for her. He went there that very evening and asked the waiters and the manager at the pub if they knew about the lady he was describing. But no one was able to help him. He felt very bad. He came out of the pub and started walking towards the bus stand.

When he reached the bus stand he suddenly noticed that the lady was standing there. She was waiting for the bus. He was so happy to see her. Andrew said, “Hi!” to that lady. He then asked her what her name was. She said, “Jasmine.”  Andrew did not tell her that he had been looking for her. Jasmine was in a hurry so she gave Andrew her number and left.

The next day Andrew called her and asked her if she would be willing to have coffee with him that evening. She agreed. They met in the evening and spent some time at the coffee shop. Andrew realized that he had fallen in love with her. So he decided to propose to her. He bought an umbrella for her. And the next day when he met Jasmine, he proposed to her.

He gifted Jasmine the umbrella while proposing to her. Andrew did not find it weird.  In fact, he knew it the most appropriate gift to give Jasmine.

But Jasmine did not respond to his proposal. She just went back home. Andrew did not understand her silence. He wondered what was wrong because she had simply left without saying anything.

Jasmine knew that Andrew loved her. But he was already married. She knew that even if she expressed her love for him, their relationship would have no future. She had her dinner and took out the umbrella that Andrew had gifted her from her bag. The umbrella was embossed with symbols of love. She stared at the umbrella and thought of Andrew. When she opened the umbrella she was amazed to see rose petals falling on her body.

The words ‘I LOVE YOU’ were written inside the umbrella. She was touched. She was very happy.

Andrew and Jasmine met in a coffee shop the next day and this time Jasmine accepted his proposal. They continued with their relationship for the next 2 years.

Both of them were madly in love with each other.

They shared a lot of good and happy times with each other. They were a truly romantic couple who were completely in love with each other. This was indeed the most memorable phase of their lives. Jasmine realized that Andrew was very romantic and truly loved her.

Andrew realized the meaning of ‘true’ love only after he met Jasmine. He knew that Jasmine was the girl he had always been dreaming about.

Both Andrew and Jasmine were clueless about whether they could get married. All they knew was that they could not live without each other. One fine day, Andrew decided to tell his parents and wife about Jasmine. He wanted them to know that he was keen on marrying her. He did not know how his family members would react to it.

But he knew only one thing. He wanted to marry Jasmine and spend his entire life with her.

So after a couple of days, he disclosed his love story to his parents and wife. They were all traumatized. They were too stunned by his words to reply. His wife retorted sharply and started crying. He had a lot of arguments with his family. Andrew tried to make everyone understand that he did not share any kind of a relationship with his wife Lisa anymore. He knew that both of them were not happy with their relationship.

He did not love Lisa and he couldn't live in a relationship where no feelings of love and care were involved. But no one could understand Andrew's definition of love.

Soon it was time to think about their son. He was two and a half years old now. His family members blackmailed him emotionally and told him that since he was a father now it was his duty to think about his son too. They said that he simply could not do this to his own son.

They then told him to think about what other people would say if he divorced Lisa. They told him that they would have to answer all these people for his actions. They then told him that they all depended on him for their survival. They then asked him to think about their future and his son’s life and future.

Andrew failed to make anyone understand how painful his present life was. He could not make them understand that he had found ‘true’ love in his relationship with Jasmine.

The arguments continued for 4 long months and finally, he decided to compromise on his love for the sake of his son. But deep within his heart he too knew that he had not done this for his son alone.

He had sacrificed the love that he had for Jasmine and his happiness for his entire family.

Andrew met Jasmine and made her understand his predicament. They both had tears in their eyes. Andrew could not bear to see the woman of his dreams crying so he left the place. Slowly, Andrew and Jasmine stopped meeting each other. They no longer talked or contacted each other.

This is how their true love story ended.

20 years later….

Andrew's son was a 23-year-old lad who was studying in a university now. Andrew’s mother had passed away two years back. Andrew’s father was still alive and spent his time with his old friends. Lisa was always busy managing her home and cooking for the family. Sometimes she went out for kitty parties with her friends.

One day, Andrew’s son came across his father’s personal diary. He read the first two pages and was curious to read all the other pages. He managed to read the entire diary after his father went to the office. He put back the diary in the same place before his father came back. He had tears in his eyes while reading the diary.

He could literally experience his father’s sadness and loneliness.

He also came to know about his father’s love for Jasmine. After reading through the entire diary, the thing that touched his heart the most was that his father still opened the diary and wrote in it every day. Every day, he would put today’s date and write ‘I love Jasmine forever.’

His father had been doing this for the past 20 years and no one had even known about it.

His father loved Jasmine even today and was sad because he could make her a part of his life. He cried because he was forced to compromise on his life and his happiness.

Andrew’s son was very sad when he realized that his father had compromised on a lifetime of happiness for him. He had created a world of happiness for his son by sacrificing on his own happiness.

Andrew’s son felt very sad and guilty when he thought of all these things. His father had always told him that if you are truly in love with a person then you have to carry that love with you till your dying day. His father’s words had inspired him a lot all through his growing up years but today all he felt was guilt.

A true love story never ends because we continue to love the love of our life till our dying day.

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