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A Love Letter To Anuv Jain: Hope You're Reading This

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Dear Anuv Jain,

Ek hi dil hai, kitni baar jeetoge?

I hope you’re doing perfectly fine because I AM and the sole reason is your music for it's become my own brand of heroine - so very intoxicating that I can’t help but continue to play it on repeat.

Mr. Jain, your music’s inexplicable - je ne sais quoi. It soothes my aching heart and paints my universe with wonderful hues filled with laughter, wanderlust and love. Perhaps, I’m hallucinating (due to the overdose of your music) because whenever I listen to you, I feel as if we’re conversing right now - kaisi ajeeb dastan hai yeh? And because of the power your voice beholds kabhi-kabhi all I want to do is cry out my sorrows whilst sitting beside the window pane clenching my legs close to my chest. You don't only know how to pluck the strings of the ukulele or acoustic guitar but that of my heartstrings as well - itni mishri sei kaise gaa sakte hai koi? 

Anuv, you happen to be one of those artists whom I’ve personally grown to deeply adore in a relatively short span of time. So, thank you for your courage and for creating music inspired by your own दर्द, खामोशियाँ and experiences.

Moreover, you somehow seem to converse in a language that lightens our burdens and brightens our days and I, once again, thank you for that. Nonetheless, believe me when I cross my heart and tell you that - I had tears leave my eyes, stream down my face, slide and roll off my chin the first time I heard these lines “ab alag aasmaan hai aur hai zameen bhi kuch alag si par miloge jab kabhi, to dekhna tabhi main kuch alag nahi” from ‘alag aasmaan’. I let my tears flow because those lines were (are) an ode to that void left in me as today, someone who meant the entire world to me is no more.

When a curtain of rain descends down from heaven, as a solemn dance for all humanity, I play ‘baarishein’ while sipping adrak wali chai and it's a transcending experience, to say the least. Alfaaz nahi hai mere paas to describe the sheer beauty this song carries with it. I haven’t lent my heart to anyone yet, but three minutes into this song and I somehow already feel aadhe-adhoore.

Anuv Jain - you write, sing and compose masterpieces jisse mujhe dukh aur sukoon mehsoos hota hai. They will forever grow on me and only death can do us apart. Aur, tum jaise ho bas waise hi raho because now it’s your world and we’re just living in it. 


Saachi Shetty - a new but real fan of yours (better late than never, haina?)

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