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Unfortunately, He Prefers Sexting Her Over Being Intimate With His Wife

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I was an independent working woman. I thought I had everything - a loving family, great bunch of friends and the love of my life whom I was dating for eight years. We fell in love when we were in college. Everything seemed perfect until the talks of marriage started. My family was initially reluctant about our relationship. However, they agreed after I persuaded them.

The problem was that his family, where his mother did not agree to our relationship, hurled abuses at me and my family.

Being from an upper-middle-class family, I gave up my hopes of getting married to him. But his struggle to get married to me and fights with his family built up my hopes and we finally got married.

He was settled abroad and once we got married, he quit his job abroad as he couldn't get a family visa and settled in India with me. I was happy as I was his priority.

Although his family still was indifferent towards me, his love made me tolerate them. Everything was fine and one day I found out that I was pregnant. Initially, he was reluctant about the child but agreed later. Then I came to know about his other monstrous side. He started getting irritated for silly reasons and would hit me, and then he would come to pacify me by himself.

My pregnancy went through a very critical phase and with the blessings of my parents’ prayers, I was able to deliver a baby boy.

After the delivery, I stayed back at my parents’ place for six months, then he decided that we could move out from his parents’ place and get settled in a house of our own. Although this was opposed by his family and they hurled abuses at me and my family, they agreed later. All through this, his feelings towards me had changed. He was an amazing father, but I felt something was wrong. He was chatting with a woman whom he said that he had met abroad, during his stay there. She was a tourist and was looking for a way back home, and he had helped her and exchanged numbers. They were in contact till now. I had told him that something was not right about that woman and had asked him to stay away from her. He had said that he will.

But once during a family outing, I randomly checked his phone and found out that they were sexting each other. When I confronted him about it, he said that it was just once, and the lady was drunk and lonely so he was just comforting her.

I was shattered, and I didn’t know what to do. My son was seven months old and I couldn't tell this to my family too. I was depressed. But then he promised me that he will not do anything as such henceforth and convinced me to trust him. But his approach towards me has completely changed after that.

We do not share the same kind of relationship as we had before this incident. He remains distant from me and has no intimate feelings towards me nor has he tried to get intimate.

He always seems to be either tired or sleepy after his work hours. I am in this marriage just for the sake of my son and my family. I am silently tolerating his behaviour from the past two years.

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