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Then This Monster Demands That I Have Sex With Him Because He Can Get It For Free

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I never got any kind of affection from my parents or siblings. My grandma took care of me because my mother started having health issues soon after I was born. We all lived under the same roof but mostly it was my grandmother (mother’s mother) who took care of everything around our house.

Several times I felt like running away from our house. I just wanted to get married to a good husband who would take good care of me.

So I agreed to get married to a boy who was working abroad without analyzing anything. I realized that something was amiss as soon as I got married. My husband belongs to a big joint family. I knew I had to adjust a lot to live with his family members. Anyway, my husband was working abroad. So I saw no harm in adapting to the new scenario.

He would be away for most of the year but would come home for 10 – 15 days every few months. Slowly I came to know that he was actually uneducated.

He had cheated my family and me by saying that he was an educated person. He had managed to get a job overseas by submitting a bogus certificate to a reputed airline. He never behaved properly with me.

I could not do anything despite knowing all this because I knew I could not go back to my parents’ place too. I have two teenage kids and my life now revolves around them. I love them a lot and they are my life.

But the man I married turned out to be a womanizer. He sleeps with prostitutes regularly.

He spends all his money on having a nice time with them and does not give us any money. Every time I ask him for money he blames me and says I keep demanding money because I want to enjoy a luxurious life, go abroad etc. He then starts torturing my kids and me by not sending us any money at all. The house that we live in is in my name. 

Whenever I ask him for money, he says, “I don’t have any money. Sell the house and go and live with your kids in a rented accommodation.”
His family members don’t know that he visits prostitutes. They are blind to his faults and think he is ‘Ram’.

They think he is faithful to me and my kids because he is a good Brahmin guy who has faith in God. Only my sister-in-law and I know the real picture. I also know that none of my family members or friends will help me fight this battle with my husband. No one is really very attached to me.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want my kids to continue living this kind of a life.

Whenever he comes home, he will sit in the house and talk to girls and visit prostitutes in India. He has an agent who supplies him with girls whenever he wants to visit them.

He even shows nude photographs to my kids.

I have already complained to the police twice. But when he came to know about it he started hitting me in front of my kids. My kids could not bear to see such things. I confided to one of my family friends. He is like a brother to me. But even that did not help.

He shamelessly continues to do what he wants.

He says he bought this house with his money and so he wants to sell it. How will I manage with my kids if he does not give me any money? He keeps saying that I can live in a rented house. But how will I pay the rent if he does not give me any money?

I feel so helpless. I feel like dying every day. I am unable to sleep at nights. I keep crying a lot. I don’t have any money in my hand. I have already sold all my jewellery. I don’t want to take any legal action because I know that the entire process is a long one. I don’t know what to do. Sometimes this monster demands that I have sex with him. He says he can get it for free from me. I stopped going to him years ago when I got to know of his habits. I feel he may be having AIDS too. I can’t live with this man anymore. My kids were never comfortable with him. They know that he hates us.

He would beat us all earlier. But he stopped it when I told him that I will lodge a complaint about harassment with the police.

Despite nagging him so much he refuses to send me any money. He continues to torture us indirectly by not giving us any money.

I don't want to sell the house. We have lived here for years. If I discuss this issue with his brother, he will not believe me. He thinks his brother is a real gentleman. My husband is very smart. He is like an actor in a movie. He will talk and behave in such a way that the blame finally falls on my shoulders. My sister-in-law says I have to go abroad and catch him red-handed. But I don’t think that will work.

All I want is to find a way of getting him send us money to meet our monthly expenses. I cry every day. I worry for my children and feel depressed. I wonder what will happen to my kids if I collapse. Who will take care of them? Where will they go? So every single day I pray and ask God to save us from this monster.

I ask him to give us peace and money. I just hope God helps us sometime soon.

Sometimes I just feel like exposing him to his family. But I am scared that he will leave his job and come and live with us permanently. My kids are writing their public exams. So I don’t want to disturb them.

I can’t even bear to see him. Neither can I live with him.

He is a womanizer who has visited more than 1000 girls. I don’t have proof of all this and I don’t want to end up living with him so I am forced to keep quiet.

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