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My Wife’s Lustful Dreams Feel So Real When I’m Not Around...

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*For representational purpose only.

My wife whispers to me that she thinks she dreamt about him again last night.

I’m home finally from a business trip out of town, and I joined her in bed. He’s a friend of ours who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough, unkempt way. He routinely travels in and out of town and pays us many surprise visits when he returns. 

Her whispered comment seemed a little groggy as she woke to kiss me hello, with my realisation that dreams can often leave you with a sense of reality that can seem like an actual life experience. 

She has dreamt about him before, but she said that last night's dream was so genuine that it was particularly overwhelming for her and admitted that it was so much so that she had to succumb to it as a reality.

She always seems to have the most vivid sex dreams when I am away for work like I was yesterday. 

The dream began when she arrived home from work and glanced down to see that she was dressed in a thin, light cotton, colourful, floral, cross-front dress. She says in her dream, she had arrived home, removed her bra and her panties, put on the dress and changed into her sexy summer sandals. 

She says that she was very aware of the sensation of the fabric on her nipples, making them hard and tingly. Her dress puffed out enough that her breasts and nipples were plainly visible from the side, but she didn't mind because she was alone at home.

The doorbell began to ring. She said she felt a bit shy and embarrassed but excitedly dared herself to go to the door, hoping something interesting would happen.

She opened the door, and there he was. She said she felt unusually timid, yet a flush rose up from her neck into her cheeks. She stuttered a hello, but she couldn't recall what she said until later in the evening. As she moved aside to allow him inside the home, her entire body felt heated and trembled with electricity.

They just stood there staring at each other for a few seconds after she shut the door. His gaze followed the line of her black hair, taking in the contours of her body beneath the dress and her beautiful legs. 

As they stood practically side by side, she realised he must be seeing virtually all of her breasts and could feel her nipple stiffen, stretching her dress even more open for his view.

She retraces every detail as if it were real, and when she recalls the effect of his look on her body, her breath stops in her throat as she tells me about his voyage inside her dream. 

She tells me that they both end up in the kitchen and before she realises what is going on, he is picking her up completely off the floor and hugging her, as he often does even when I am around. But in the dream, he lowers her and presses her against the counter, kissing her hard on her moist red painted lips.

It seemed so natural and genuine in her dream as if it was a fantasy that existed deep within her.

She recalls his hard-on pressing against her through his trousers and her clothing, and then she narrated how he gradually began to kiss his way down her body. He is finally kneeling before her, she adds. 

Then she said he spread her legs and lifted her, resting her bottom on the edge of the counter and supporting her legs with his arms, pulling the hem of her dress upwards with his hands and lips. She described herself feeling suddenly hot and wet. 

She believes he must have felt the shaking in her thighs as his tongue barely brushed her clitoris. She has a rush of embarrassment but is too caught up in the moment to care. She says his name for the first time at this moment. He pulls her closer and closer to the peak; her body arches back, one of her breasts straining against the fabric of her dress, and she glances down to find the other breast entirely exposed to him as her garment has fallen apart. 

He notices it and goes out to caress it, softly rolling her nipple between his greedy fingers. She claimed she felt an electric shock run through her body as he brought her close to the verge of an intense orgasm. She tells me she almost faints in her dream. 

But before she could come, though, he stopped and stood up.He wraps his arms around her, while she wraps her bare legs around him. Her wet pussy pressed against the crotch of his trousers, he pulls her off the counter and brings her to our bedroom, fully in charge. 

She's not sure how they both ended up nude, but she remembers his clothing pooling at his feet before he forced her down on her back on our bed.

She reaches for him, her sense of shame forgotten in her fantasy.

His cock was now probing at the entrance to her lubricated pussy. She said that her moisture enabled him to glide only inch by inch as she adjusted to him as he pressed upon her. She described her exhilaration as coming in little bursts with each thrust. 

Finally, he was completely inside her, as if in reality, as if it had always belonged inside her. She turned crimson red when she told me this as if it were an acknowledgment of true events. 

She stated that she has never before been able to remember every sensation of these dreams as vividly as this one, and she feels compelled that I know everything and that I should still love her for the lustfulness that surrounds it. 

She claimed she could see and feel her tummy rise and fall as his warm hardness filled her up, and he began thrusting deeper and more thoroughly into her. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed. He didn't require any encouragement, she claims.

She lay there, her legs spread wide, her large breasts swaying with each push in the dimly lit room. The sexual energy was palpable. Her entire self was concentrated on the pleasure of him now gently gliding in and out of her, deeper and deeper, again and over, almost to the point of peaking with each stroke. 

When the moment came, she said his name quietly. Begged him to enter her. She claims that the dream was so vivid that she could feel him thrusting into her again and over. 

She could feel the heat of his cum rushing deep into her, its throbbing pulse filling her with delicious warmth. She stated she couldn't wait and that she had to tell me about it. 

She said she wanted to know whether I was comfortable with what he had done to her.

Even as she spoke, she began instinctively stroking herself, massaging her breasts and then her pussy as she lay next to me on the bed. 

She just closed her eyes and kept going, caressing herself, digging deep with her fingers, letting out tiny sighs and gasps while I lay there, envious yet immensely aroused. 

Then, right in front of my eyes, she was in the dream again, submitting to him. He is back in her thoughts and body, diving into her with her fingers over and over.

I hear a faint whisper of his name as she approaches her peak. She stares me in the eyes and turns to face me. We hug, and she is absolutely flushed, maybe a bit ashamed, but primarily pink from her delight. 

She wonders whether dreams may ever become so real that they become true. Then she let go of me and drifted off to sleep.

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