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My Pious Cousin Threatened Me To Have An Extra Marital Affair With Him And I Gave In

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Today I am a doctor, working with a good hospital. This story goes five years back when I was in medical college. It was hard for my parents to pay my fees but we were managing somehow. One of my cousins was in Dubai at that time. He was a popular man in my family. Everybody respected him and asked for his advice whenever needed. According to my family, he was a very religious person, because he was doing poojas and hawans every now and then.

One can very well imagine that this kind of man can never be hated by any one.

So he got a job abroad and went there. He has a wife and two daughters. He was nice to me and my family and I respected him a lot. But, what followed after is still something indigestible for me. We would talk nicely, and he insisted on sending me money because of our financial problems. Despite me denying, he would send money through money transfer agencies. I used to think what a great man he is. But one night he was chatting with me on WhatsApp and asked me, “will you be my girlfriend?” I could not believe what he said. What was he saying? He is my brother, how can a brother even think this? He continued with, “I really like you and I don’t consider my sister. Please be mine.” He kept trying to persuade me and all I could say was, “Bhaiyya what are you talking about?”

He replied, “I had to gather so much courage to say this, I find you very sexy and I want you.” Of course I said no and blocked him. I was in shock for many days.

After a week I got a call from an international number and it was him. He went on again with all his bullshit. And he then started to torture and blackmail me. He said that he knows some people in India who can kill my family if I refuse. I was scared as hell. I even got a call from those people to threaten me. I just lost my mental balance. I was so scared that I had to do as he said. He got a photo of me morphed into a naked woman’s body and said that he will leak this photo on the internet. He literally blocked all my ways out and I had to give in because I had no choice. So, I started doing as he said. I listened to his crap every day and night. I had to do whatever he said, I had to send him my pictures (fortunately he didn't ask for nudes). I had to send him my location and explain to him why I am out without his permission. I had to say I love and miss him because he wanted me to say those things. This went on for 4 long years.

And I now think that I was stupid for letting this happen to me. He would continue to threaten me if I tell anyone then he will get my family killed. After the 4th year, he called and said that he is coming back to India, so he wants me to pick him up at the airport. He demanded me to manage anyhow and go to Delhi to pick him up. He had got a hotel room booked for us in Delhi and he wanted to spend some time with me. That was the time I was really devastated. I somehow gathered courage and told my family about it. And they were so angry that they were ready to kill him. My father called him and said things to him, to which he replied, “your daughter is a characterless girl. She tortured me for money and she initiated everything. Your daughter drinks, smokes, parties with guys and sleeps with them.” He put all these false allegations on me. How would a father feel after listening to all this about his daughter? After coming back to India, he spread all these rumours about me in the whole family and defamed me badly.

Today, even if I am defamed and still being questioned about it, I am in a peaceful state of mind. I am grateful that I am out of that bullshit and my parents are supporting enough to trust me.

But what this guy did to me was unacceptable. Till today I get nervous and panicky when I think of all this. I haven’t written all the things he said and did to me but my purpose of writing this story is that if anyone else out there is suffering from the same situation, then I want to send them courage through my story. Please speak up. Don’t keep mum, go tell your parents and your friends. This is a mental torture, you don’t have to bear all this. Nothing will happen if you just talk about it and get it out there. Don’t encourage it. That man today is divorced as his wife got to know the truth about his extramarital affairs with other women. So I am happy in a way that karma took my revenge but I should have a taken a step earlier, too.

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