I Surprised Her On Valentine's Day And That's When She Broke The News To Me

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14th Feb 2016. Yes, she broke up with me on valentine’s day, or rather I would say, I was told on this day that I was not mature enough to handle our relationship and hence, she is now involved with someone else from the past six months or so. And she has now finally decided to convey this to me. A small background detail: We were in a relationship since October 2010. We had been through four years of togetherness in college, and it was the best time of our lives, followed by one and a half year of long distance relationship. Facing all our financial and emotional ups and downs together, everything seemed to be so perfect. Everyone called us husband and wife instead of girlfriend and boyfriend, even though we were not yet married. We were certain that as soon as the time would be right, we would get married.

Our families knew about the relationship and everything was set.

I have three elder brothers who needed to be married off first, and then we would get married ASAP. Destiny took us apart after our graduation, for our respective jobs. I came to NCR and she moved to Mumbai. We didn’t have many options, so we decided to go with it for some time and we decided that later on, either I could move to Mumbai or she could come to NCR. Until then, I would travel to Delhi almost every month for 3–4 days, on long weekends, or during leaves.

We managed our long-distance relationship quite effectively and everything seemed to be working perfectly, at least according to me.

Fast forward to the D-Day, I was excited to surprise her with a big (human-sized) teddy, a bouquet, and, a box full of her favourite chocolates. I was going to meet her after a very long time, three months to be precise, because I had used all my leaves in the month of October for her dad’s cancer operation, hence I couldn’t afford any more leaves and financially we had hit rock bottom, because all our savings were used up in her dad’s cancer treatment (that is a different story for a different day). I reached her place at six in the morning and rang the bell. She opened the door, smiled and went back to sleep again. All my excitement seemed to have gone down the drain. The happiness I had expected, was nowhere to be seen. But then I thought that she might be expecting me as I usually did these kinds of things for her, or maybe she was a little too sleepy as she might have been working until late night. So, I just caressed her hair, freshened up in the next half hour and went to sleep. We woke up at around 10 in the morning, she inquired about how I came and everything, thanking me for the gifts. We freshened up and decided to go have breakfast outside, and then we would go to a mall to sit and talk. She focused on the talk part, which made me a little uncomfortable, to be honest. We ate, we sat for a bit and then, this is how our conversation went like:

After talking about some basic stuff, she said: Mr. P (her manager in office) is going through a very bad personal life, such a b***h his wife is, you know.

Me: Yeah, I know, life can be problematic sometimes and one can do nothing for it. I recommend that they should consult a counsellor before it’s too late.


She: They have already done so, and the doctor says that she is completely normal, she is just the way she is.

Me: Oh, okay! What can we do apart from sympathizing? Poor guy he is.

She: Hmm. I say that he should divorce his wife.

Me: Relax dear. Indeed he is a nice guy, and maybe he deserves to have someone better in his life, but after having 3 kids, divorce is not an option. If he could tolerate her for 14 years of his life, he can do the same for the rest of his life, at least for the sake of his kids. Where will their future go if they get divorced at this age?

She: Maybe he can get a better option, a more caring wife who can take care of his kids and him.

Me: Why are you so worried about him? I mean, we do worry about him but that is all we can do, let's not discuss him today, it is our relationship that I care about, that’s it.

She: I care about him because I like him.

Me (Staring at her): What do you mean you like him? We do tend to like the people we start spending time with.

She (while looking down): No. I mean, I think I love him.

Me: Hahahah. For all the jokes in this world, all you could come up with today is this stupid joke? And you want me to believe it?

She (with teary eyes): It’s not a joke, I am serious. I love him.


Me (my laughter left the planet, because I saw tears in her eyes!): What are you talking about dear, it is me whom you love, whom you have loved since what feels like an eternity, what kind of joke is this?

She: I don’t know, I know I love you but I can’t be without him either.

Me (trying to maintain my calm): Are you nuts? Do you have any idea what you are talking about? He is your manager dear, with a wife and 3 kids, one is 8 years old, one is 5 years old and one is 2 years old. What are you thinking about?

She: He has been here with me since the last one and a half year, I would sympathize with him. How that sympathy changed to something else, I can’t tell. I mean, he was here with me whenever I wanted, for everything, for every small help. You were so far away from me, all I could bank upon was him. When I came to Delhi in January, I wanted to tell you this but I just couldn’t.

Me (still assuming that she is acting): Come on, this joke is going a bit too far, stop it, please.

She: A*** please try to understand, I know it’s tough for you to accept and digest this, it was even tougher for me, even I felt it was a joke but it’s not. I request you to please move on, you will get a better girl than me, you deserve a girl much better than me.


Me (started shivering): S**** please don’t do this, you know what I want is only you, no more no less, where have I lacked tell me. I know you have just gotten a little out of path, we can deal with it and you will be back with me, you just need to stop meeting him. All will be good after that, you are just a little disturbed because of your father's disease and so you are confusing his care for love. Moreover, when he (Mr. P) would come to know what you feel about him, he will back off, because he knows very well what both of us mean to each other. Just relax a bit and try to cooperate, all will be fine.

She: He loves me too.

Me (in disbelief): So you have already told him? How long has this been going on behind my back?

She (sobbing): It has been quite a while.

Me (breathing heavily): S**** do you have any idea what you are doing? You know it’s not just me, or just you and him involved, all the three families are involved in this, all will be in bits and pieces once this gets disclosed.

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