I Lost My Virginity To A Complete Stranger As Soon As My Arranged Marriage Failed

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 3 October, 2017

I should tell you about the time I fell in love with a stranger. I was frustrated and came out of a mess of an almost-arranged-marriage. Yes! An arranged marriage which happens to be normal in our country but not-so-normal for our generation.

Most of us just want to fall in love and marry that person instead sleeping with a stranger that they hardly know. Bitter one, but the fact can't be denied.

Well, I somehow went through the trouble of finding a guy who was the kind of person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but he eventually seemed to be the opposite of it. And I was saved by his own stupidity. I got attracted towards him in those 2 months we spent talking about everything which gradually made me too honest with him to tell him all the details of my past. Well yeah, he didn't take it too well.


But it worked in my favour and God saved me from getting into the trap. And partly, I saved myself.

I am 30 and God knows when this marriage thing will end or I will get rid of marrying someone at all. Parents, you know! Well, after the horrific incident, I decided to let go of everything I have been holding until now, like expectations from people, marriage, happy and settled life, waiting for the ONE and last but not least, my virginity.

Yes, you read that right, I was a virgin even when I turned 30. I was "saving it" for the special someone!

I was tired of my life, trying to impress people, and still not knowing what I am going to do with my life. Because people judge you by how much you can earn, and how can you breathe when you are not working? I am not working because I live my life on my terms.


And suddenly a ray of hope came into the dark tunnel I was sitting in. He was a stranger whom I met through Tinder. Well, we talked and he seemed quite nice and decent. And then we met the same day in a coffee house and the meeting turned out to be unexpectedly normal. We went for a drive and sat somewhere else for a while to get to know each other. Quite normal... right?

No. We liked each other in that very moment, and we kissed. A tender gentle kiss in his car, followed by a few more kisses. We were into each other so much that we didn't want to go back to our respective homes. But we had to. We were so eager to meet again that we met the next day as well.

And guess what? We met at his apartment since his parents were not at home. We sneaked into his room and I was so terrified that it might lead to sex. But it was just our second date, so we sat and talked for a while when he started grabbing me towards him.

We kissed again. He was so sweet and goofy that I couldn't resist myself from getting involved with him.

Then I lost my virginity to someone whom I barely knew, but a few moments with him made me fall in love with him. He is not what I might have imagined my love to be, but the way he loves me and cares for me makes me silent everytime I am with him.


I am left speechless, but I just stare at him, cuddle with him, caress him, even though I don't know what is on his mind. I gave myself to him without thinking of the consequences or our future together.

I think this is love- when you don't keep conditions but you accept the other person the way they are. No complaints, no judgement, nothing but love.

I hope everyone gets someone with whom they can be free and be beautiful.

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