He Was On The Verge Of Violating Me But I Was Smart Enough To Escape From Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 4 August, 2018

I am a 25-year-old girl. I am a quiet person by nature. But sometimes, I feel I lead a tragic life. I have been through some horrible experiences in my life. My near and dear ones call me the “queen of tragedy.”

I’m not sure if this is really true but sometimes life compels me to think like this.

I know other girls may have faced similar experiences but I was taken aback by this horrible experience.

I was a part of a group of friends and all of us were attending the training sessions in our new company. We enjoyed these sessions. After a while, the girls and boys started pairing up. But I just avoided this kind of stuff. One of my girlfriends became best friends with a guy who belonged to our group.

After our training sessions got over, we were all posted to different offices. We could now communicate with each other only over our mobile phones. I too was in touch with the entire group. One day my girl friend’s best friend invited all of us for lunch.

It had been a long time since we had all met one another. I thought it was a good idea and was eager to get in touch with all of them.

So I accepted the invitation immediately. When I reached the venue, I was surprised to see that no one was there. My girlfriend’s best friend spotted me and came over to meet me. He explained that it would take a while for the rest of them to come there.

He suggested that both of us should wait for them in one of the hotel rooms. I told him that we could wait for them at the reception too. He said noisy crowded areas annoyed him and he did not feel very comfortable there. He requested me to accept his suggestion. I melted and decided to wait for the others in the hotel room.

I was eager to meet all my friends. When we entered the room, he closed it and told me to wait outside because he wanted to use the washroom. I made myself comfortable. I read a magazine. I switched on the LED TV to watch some songs. I admired the flowers and flipped through the pages of the magazine.

I was busy reading the magazine when my girlfriend’s boyfriend pounced on me. He held my hands so tightly that I could not move at all. He then smooched me. I was feeling suffocated. My eyes were blurred when he left me. He then pushed me onto the bed. I was shocked. But within a second, he was playing with my breasts. He was laughing a lot.

I started screaming and shouting for help. But he put a small towel in my mouth.

He then sat on me and watched the changing colour of my nipples by the mobile light. He licked my nipples with his tongue hungrily. He exclaimed with delight when he saw the pink colour of my nipples and said he found them beautiful.

I beat him repeatedly but it had no effect on him. In fact, he was enjoying himself even more.

I felt helpless and tired at the same time. I was unable to do anything with my mouth because he had stuffed it completely with that towel. He then started moving down my body.

I knew there was nothing I could do about the situation now. My brain was working at a rapid pace. Suddenly I thought of doing something about it.

I knew this man was a psycho. I started responding to him eagerly and requested him to release me so that both of us could enjoy ourselves completely. He was delighted by my response. He took the towel out of my mouth. He was surprised when I acted like his lover. I kissed him a lot.

I was enjoying myself thoroughly now.

He was so excited that he was getting ready to f*ck me now. I held him tightly beside me. I played with his hair and face. I kissed his forehead. He was totally stunned by my act.

It was an extremely awkward situation and feeling for me. But I wanted to save my virginity at all costs.

I had a smile on my face but my heart was sinking too because I knew I was dealing with an unknown threat.

I knew anything could happen at any time. But it is true that God is always around us.

I requested him to wait for a few days. I promised him that we would enjoy fu*king each other on some other day with proper precautions. He was convinced. He stopped suddenly and said, “Yeah! We will enjoy ourselves a lot on that day!” He then held me very tightly.

He got up from the bed and readied himself because he knew his friends were probably waiting for him.

The minute he moved away from me, I got up quickly. I dressed properly. I combed my hair and wore my sandals. He opened the door and we got out

He saw me moving away quickly. He called me but I just took an auto and left from there. I did not even stop to turn back to see him.

I reached home and was completely shocked by all that had happened to me. My eyes were wet and red. I blamed myself continuously and wondered why I had agreed to go to the hotel room with him.

Author's Note:

Please tell me what my fault was. I was completely innocent. I really thought of him as my girlfriend’s boyfriend. I did not know that he would turn out to be this kind of a man. Do you really think I am so very dumb that anyone can use me so easily? Why do such things always happen only to me? Do other people also suffer like me? Is a girl a piece of public property that anyone can use anywhere? Please answer my questions.

Editor's Note:

A single shameful act like this can shatter a person completely. Can we ever trust another human being after going through this kind of an ordeal? Yet we have to face and overcome the ugly reality. When we succumb to our emotions – we cannot think rationally. So let's learn to emerge as victors by doing the things that are under our control. Let’s share this smart young girl’s story and learn to have our wits about us at all times from her.