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To The Person Who Brings Me Joy Amidst The Monotony…

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*For representational purpose only.

I drag my feet,

And walk like a zombie.

Lazy and groggy,

To board the bus,

I already wonder what I'll do after I go back home.

And I quickly hate the idea of me sitting in my room alone and staring at the screen with all those dead eyes staring back at me.

Then you catch my eye.

Little human,
Gushing about how your day is going to be,
With the whole world reflecting in your eyes,
You talk a mile a minute.

That toothy grin,

You wake my heart up,

My thoughts spiral back to the time.

When I was a wild little girl,

With no care in the world,

You put a smile on my face for a few seconds.

And just like that, 

I snap back into reality.

When I hear the honk of that bloody bus.

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