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Motherhood Is Hard, But The Weight Of Expectations Is Harder…

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*For representational purpose only.

My body is heavy, and so is my mind,
Is it because I gave birth or the expectations unkind?

My head spins and my stitches hurt,
“You still look so pregnant” is what they blurt!
Hungry baby and breastfeeding woes,
Yes I can’t breastfeed but is this what I intentionally chose?
Sleepless nights and aching back,
“Such an easy baby and still you overreact!”

Tired mornings and exhausted evenings,
“Organize yourself and you could manage more things!”
Pending chores and messy bun,
“We too had kids, you aren’t the only one!”

I probe and google and read everything about my baby, even small,
“Oh, you ‘Miss-know-it-all’!”
Frequent meltdowns and temper battles,
“Good moms never lose cool despite struggles!”

Stay at home to see the baby grow,
“You lack ambition we all know!”
Work hard to fulfill dreams,
“You have no time for the baby it seems!”

“Your baby only wants to be held..oh you have spoilt her!”
“How will the poor baby soothe herself..what a stonehearted mother!”

Whatever I do I just don’t seem to get it right,
I cease to exist or I am moved away from sight,
If my baby is new I am new too,
What is like being a mother I had no clue!

Motherhood is hard but the weight of expectations is harder,
Just let be me and then see my ardour!

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