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An Ode To The Love She Had To Spare...

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*For representational purpose only.

15 years a flower bloomed;

Its fruition evident.

Forever manifested in her dreams; 

Their love had borne a feeling of completeness.

A desire moulded to nurture life with him; 

Paint a canvas with their story.

The glossy, expensive invitation severed twines of a promise; 

The promise of future forsaken.

Her love had passed on, 

Its absence is the only right redeemable.

Fate’s frames left empty. 

Just endless memories of yearning.

Reasoning his betrayal as an exquisite dream.

But life materialised; 

He stormed in like a hurricane.

The insignia of love she had to spare, the perfect quaver to break free; 

The humane buried deep within.

Forgiveness led to purpose; 

A chance to embrace freedom, 

Self-love and motherhood.

Finally, a bond to last ages, a paradise.

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