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In 30-Minutes We Said “Yes” For Seven Janams…

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*For representational purpose only.
Shalini was going through a rough breakup; her heart was broken into small pieces, which she thought she would never be able to recollect ever again, but when one thinks about it, life always changes.

Her parents asked her to meet Rishav. She had agreed to him as the person she fought for had left her midway for no fault of her, even though she was broken. 
She met Rishav for her family's happiness, but when she met Rishav in a coffee shop, she greeted him with a smile, and he had sparkles in his eyes.

They started to talk and soon realised that they were both looking for the same things in life, even though they came from different worlds.
In a brief 30-minute meeting, they said "yes" to a contract spanning seven janams.

But who knew that sparkle would soon come into Shalini's eyes, too?

She one day sat down and thought these sparkles were because of what, and soon realised that more than love, it was because she found someone who would never leave her side no matter what. 
The insecurity about being alone gradually faded, and her eyes were smiling again with a subtle glimmer of tears.

With only seven weeks remaining for her life to change, Shalini couldn't be happier that her heart was broken into a million pieces, and someone was helping her to gather and reassemble every single piece.

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