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A Thread Of Online Friends Led Me To Him

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I belong to a family that keeps shifting from one place to another as my father serves in the Indian Air Force. Not having a permanent place to stay, made it harder for me to make more friends. Although I had some but none of them stayed. However, in 2017, I moved to Hyderabad where it was all empty, until I started making friends online. Having a thread of online friends, led me to HIM.

We spoke and forgot about each other's existence several times when we were friends. I avoided him as he lived miles away and he had a life there. Nevertheless, I say it was destiny, we just came back to each other everytime. It was a period, when we knew, we're going to be a thing and I was afraid about the distance but he was the person who made me smile, laugh and cry the hardest and I never wanted to lose that. And, when we became way too attached, we confessed our feelings.

Every person close to me, discouraged me, saying it won't last because it is a virtual relationship. We never cared, we laughed together, cried together. We knew how much we craved each other's existence and we knew we'll make it.

After years, one day, an incident made me leave my house and I knew, where I had to go. To Him. To the love of my life ♥️.

From sleeping during the video calls to seeing each other falling asleep, from laughing on audio calls to seeing each other smile, from crying for having a glance of each other to crying that we made it, from telling each other that we'll be together one day to wiping each other's tears and tell that if we did this, we can fix anything, from picturing a life in the same city to planning a future together, we were there for each other, always.

He not only gave me a reason to smile but also became my reason to achieve things in life. He's my biggest supporter and he's the only one, I desire a future with, I desire a life with, I desire my children with because he's the only human who made me feel at home.

Sometimes, I fail to express my love and respect towards him and this is my way to do so, through this piece of writing because, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I love you more than myself and you're the most adorable human being that has ever existed, for me.

You have given me a motive, a reason for my existence and the few nicest friends in my life and I'll always love you without any conditions, standing by your side fighting your demons, hoping to be your best friend, better half and future, no matter what.

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