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This Is How Slowly And Tragically Corona Cost Me My Family

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I’m Aishika Tulsiani and I’m 19 years of age. I live in Mumbai , India. The corona virus cases here have hit an exceeding amount and it’s affecting all of us in different ways. We are going through a time of transformation and extreme change.

During the month of May I lost both my grandparents to the corona virus. At the same time, my family suffered with the virus too. It was extremely difficult, living in that situation as they had to be isolated.

We had no help, a family of 16 people; we eventually got my grandparents both hospitalised but unfortunately they both detected positive. My grandfather passed away due to a huge pneumonia patch that slowly led to a cardiac arrest. My grandmother actually fought the virus but it really ruined her body and her internals so much that her lungs almost collapsed. She lived a whopping 57 days in the ICU all by herself, that too right after her husband had passed away.

It was a gruesome sight and super saddening for my family and I. I just want to bring to attention that, no matter how old you are , or how strong your immune system is- Stay in!

Specially, not just for your safety but other people’s safety too. You can be asymptomatic and still be a carrier of the virus. Please take care of your families and yourselves in these tough times. Situations are worse and privileged people also are suffering. Nothing matters more than health.

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