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I’m An Ambitious Woman But My Journey Is Exhausting

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I had a pretty cocooned upbringing and a fairly uneventful and flat career graph till the year 2016. Though as I grew in age, so did my ambitions– Independence and honesty– were never just mere qualities for me. It’s a way of life. And I give all the credit to my parents. 

Hence, ambition for me was a path to channel my independence. Nonetheless, at the risk of appearing regressive, I have to admit the harsh truth; women have limitations when it comes to the corporate world, regardless of their capabilities. 

I missed out on several work promotions as I could never drink with my bosses like my male colleagues. I've had supervisors attempt to be extra charming to manipulate me into putting my life, soul, and reputation into a transaction.
I have my clients connecting with my male counterparts since they do not feel “free” with a woman. I have had male team members refuse to follow a "young, female boss" in the past. 
Eleven years into my career and now as a member of senior management, I feel ashamed to admit that pay disparity, lack of trust in women, and a mindset that women must be controlled are still rampant in the corporate world. 

This is abuse, corporate abuse, and it is exhausting to cope. It hurts even more when each day women like me accept and succumb to it. It is a vicious circle with no loophole. An abuse for which the only cure is to be unambitious.

An abuse which makes me question each day - Is the norm to have a job and a marriage better than to strive to have a career?

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