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I Loved You Enough To Walk Away, It’s Not My Fault…

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*For representational purpose only.

We always think it's weak to walk away without telling someone your true feelings, but in some cases, it's the only option. 

In order to keep the person you love from falling apart, sometimes you have to let them go. In some ways, love is selfish. It fills our soul with meaning. I want to tell you everything before I go, but I know I can’t. 

The girl who can write about anything can’t even be real with her feelings and utter the words. Maybe that’s because the words aren’t right. Everything in my head is jumbled. It’s coming out confusing. My feelings are bubbling over, and I just want nothing more than you. I knew what I was getting myself into.

I knew that I had to be the one to be strong. I knew ultimately that this was going to happen. So it comes down to this: I love you enough to walk away. Do I think it’s the kind of love that stops my entire world? No. 

But you are not someone who’s easy for me to let go of. You’re so much more than what you give yourself credit for, and it kills me to know you don’t see it. All I can do now is give you the space and hope that ultimately our paths cross again. Attraction is important, but attraction without effort will get you nowhere. 

Effort is how you go from liking someone to loving them; it’s how you go from talking to someone to actually knowing them; and it’s how you go from wanting to spend time with someone to wanting to share a life with them. 

Because if you take your effort out of the equation and you realise that you were the only one making it, then it’s hard to keep going. It’s hard to keep moving forward when someone doesn’t want to meet you halfway. It’s hard to keep investing when you’re not getting anything in return. So maybe that's what never made me try? 

But I blame no one, as they say, "Mohobbat karna hamare bas me nahi, par us Mohobbat se dur chale jaana woh hamare bas me hai.".

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