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I Fell In Love With A Guy I Knew I Can't End Up With: I Don't Know What To Do Now

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I met my present boyfriend during my college fest around a year and a half ago. He was introduced to me by a mutual friend who happened to be his batch mate. I had decided to drink for the first time in three years that night.

The next day, everything was a blur. My friend reminded me of all the crazy things I had done the previous night. Apparently, I had troubled that guy a lot. So, the following day, I sent him an apology message and that’s how we started talking.

A week later, I realized I had started liking him, and I told him that. He warned me and said we don’t have a future together because of different religions. He was a Muslim and I was a Hindu. Despite that, I was adamant and told him that it’ll just be a casual relationship so it won't lead to any complications later.

But boy was I wrong. I fell head over heels for him; more than I could have ever imagined. I never knew that I could love someone to that extent. Everything he did, made me fall in love with him even more. It’s been two years now. We have to take crucial decisions about our careers, marriage and the future. We both have no idea what to do.

We have discussed the idea of ending the relationship because it’s best for both of us and our families. But I am just not able to let go off him. I can’t sleep at night; I have nightmares about losing him. He's just too precious for me to let go and I love him too much. If only society made things easier. 

I am suffering everyday. I am scared of losing out on a glorious future with him for the sake of this society, which chooses to look at people based on their religion and not their human selves.

Why should we suffer? What wrong did we do? I just want to scream out: "I love you so much baby, I can never let go off you and I will always choose to love you no matter what the circumstances may be."

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