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Dear Husband, You Have The Freedom To Pursue Your Desires Because I’m Always Here.

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You can enjoy the luxury of sleeping longer in the morning without the jarring sound of an alarm simply because you know I'll be up early, taking care of everything to get the kid ready for school.

You can effortlessly pick out clothes from your cupboard, knowing they'll be freshly washed and ironed, ready for you to wear. 

Before starting your day, a comforting bath is possible because I'll have already prepared a delicious breakfast for you.
Throughout your busy day, you can continue your work in peace; assured that I've taken care of lunch for you and your son. If you need to meet friends or attend a meeting, you can do so without worries, for I'll be there to care for your kids in your absence.

Even mundane tasks like muting the kid's school information group or keeping track of their activities through the school app, I've already taken care of it.

At any hour, you can return home with an empty stomach, knowing that dinner will be prepared and waiting for you, no matter what time you arrive. 
You can freely engage in playtime with your child, as I've already helped him with his homework and revision, making sure he's ready for quality time with you.
You have the freedom to pursue your desires and aspirations because I'm always here, wholeheartedly committed to caring for everything on the home front. 
 Yet, when you ask what I did all day, seemingly idle at home, it does cause me some inner turmoil.
I hope one day you'll truly understand and acknowledge the dedication and love behind all the tasks I handle each day. 
My intention is not to seek recognition or validation but a simple appreciation of my efforts to support you and our family. 
Your understanding would mean the world to me, strengthening the bond between us even further. Remember, I'm here for you, always.

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