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Days Ago, He Was Sending Me Funny Emojis. Now I'll Never Talk To Him Again.

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I never wrote something like this, so excuse my mistakes, please. It all started on a Wednesday morning at 1 AM. I got a call from mom, in my sleepiness, I picked up a call and mom's voice was shaking. Mom just told me that dad wasn't well, and he had been admitted to the hospital. I left for my hometown immediately and reached early in the morning. 

I couldn't sleep after the call, and waited till 4 am. I started at 4 am in a cab to Majestic and then boarded the bus by 5. When I reached the hospital, it was 11 am already. Then only I could find that dad was in the ICU. With a heavy heart, I reached the ICU and the first look at dad gave me a shock.

It was a scene that I had never imagined in my wildest dreams.

My dad who was sending my smiley emojis just till 10 days ago was on the bed with three inotropes, ECG machine and ventilator with a pipe in his nose and mouth. He'd had a major heart attack, not once but four times. He was unconscious, I tried to speak but he didn't respond.

Dad would've been in the ICU for the next 8 days, we tried our best to get him back into our lives. Doctors seemed to try every possible option. Every day a new update, it was positive sometimes and negative most of the time.

At last, on the 9th day, the doctor called us to say that he had a 5th attack and couldn't survive after that. My dad, my first hero, the love of my life, who was my everything was not there anymore.

I loved my parents more than anything in this world and expected to see only happiness in those four eyes. The only four eyes that I always looked for became two now.

One month, ten days, some hours gave me sorrows since his death and today on this breezy evening, I feel like I could have loved him more, could have told him how much I loved him, could have spent more time with him. But, somethings are not in our hands I guess. Like, life and death. 

To whomsoever reading this, my request is to just think for a minute. where we are running, for what, what is achieved. If there is no one to enjoy our success, then it has no meaning. I am okay to give up my entire wealth for just a 5 minute conversation with my dad. But, now I can't. I miss you dad! 

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