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This Letter Is The Reason Why You Must Watch This Movie

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*For representational purpose only.

My beloved India,

I never died. I never will. They can hang me, shoot me, bury me, burn me. Lekin nek IRADA kabhi martaa nahin.

Suppressed, beaten, ridiculed, ignored and forgotten, YES! But a good intention will not and can not fail forever. Remember that always. My spiritual significance will always supersede my physical presence.

Think about it, they killed me at the age of 23, but whilst I was there in flesh and blood I shook the world and decades later, I still live on. That is because my intention was strong, is strong and will remain strong.

Today, once again, it is I who has put my life on the line, it is I who has risen once again in the fight towards a national adversity. Water Contamination. What will you do, eat, drink if there is no clean water? Trust me, fighting an enemy on the outside (Britishers) is easier to conquer as compared to fighting an enemy within (Cancer).

Wake up and understand what they are doing. Take a stand. What you are consuming is actually consuming you. Be rest assured that if I were to come back, I would've fought this grave danger. By the time you will read this, by the time you will understand what I am saying, by the time you take action, I may have moved on, again. But I hope you remain healthy and strong, and with an IRADA that is even healthier and stronger.

So that is what I'm saying. Two 'well-intentioned' women, named Aparnaa Singh and Falguni Patel, have initiated this battle on water contamination, I am but a humble servant to their mission.


Bhagat Singh in 'Irada'

Will you join them on Feb 17th 2017? I will. Rahe bulund, IRADA mera ... inquilab zindaabad!

Yours truly (in spirit and in strength),
Bhagat Singh.


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