Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to AkkarBakkar, fellow writer.

This is your Bible, give it a firm read through.

You’re here to grow as a writer and we’re here to change the way you look at online content. 


Steps to ensure that your story gets published:

  1. Select a topic that you’d like to read on the Internet.
  2. Make sure it fits into one of our categories.
  3. Give it a compelling headline that'll make the editorial team/readers click on your piece.
  4. Read all the tips below.

You can expect to be the next internet sensation if you’re able to follow these steps to the tee:



  • First challenge here is to convince the reader to stay on your story for more than 5 seconds. Here, curiosity or a thought-provoking first paragraph is key to keeping the reader hooked onto your piece.
  • Keep paragraphs short to make your piece easily readable.
  • Keep a word limit in your head. (Suggestion: 600-1000 words)
  • Write from a first person point of view in case you’re writing a confession and from a first/second person point of view in case of an opinion piece or a fictional story.
  • Don’t forget to add a concluding paragraph that’ll make the reader share your story.


Not sure of something? We're here to help, never hesitate to reach out to us on hello@akkarbakkar.com.

P.S: Plagiarism is criminal.