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I Was Expected To Get Married At 17, But I Broke Free...

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At 17, my world was turned upside down when my father passed away just two days before my 12th-grade board exams. With my brother being only three years old and unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation, my mother, in her late 30s, became my pillar of strength during those challenging times. She not only supported me unconditionally but also motivated me to chase after my aspirations and never give up.

Growing up in a traditional family, I knew that society expected me to get married and become a housewife by 17 or 18. However, I was determined to break free from these limitations and create my own path towards financial independence and personal growth.

With my mother's unwavering support, I completed my graduation, which was a rare achievement for a girl in those days.
Eventually, my marriage was arranged, and my husband and I moved to Oman. In the following years, we were blessed with two children.

Despite my responsibilities as a mother, I had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and decided to pursue an MBA. Leaving Muscat temporarily, I embraced various odd jobs and embarked on a transformative journey of self-improvement. Eventually, I secured a position as an HR manager in the corporate sector, bringing me one step closer to achieving the financial stability that my mother and I had always dreamed of.

However, success does not come without its fair share of obstacles.
When my husband's job led us to Saudi Arabia, I faced yet another hurdle in my professional aspirations. Undeterred by the challenges, I refused to give up and made a courageous shift from the corporate sector to the field of education. I pursued a Masters in Education Management, and against all odds, I even pursued a PhD at 42. This remarkable achievement made me the only Asian to hold a prestigious position as a business professor at Oxford Partnership University.

Throughout my incredible journey, I never forgot my humble beginnings and deep-rooted passion for natural hair care.

Growing up in a small town in Kerala, India, I learned the invaluable benefits of using natural ingredients like hibiscus leaves and fermented rice water for maintaining healthy hair.

During my time at Oxford, I witnessed the widespread issue of hair loss faced by many individuals, particularly in the Middle East, and the detrimental effects of chemical-laden hair products.

This revelation ignited a fire within me, inspiring me to create my own organic, plant-based hair care brand. My brand is vegan, and harnesses the power of organic ingredients to promote healthy, vibrant and sustainable locks.

Starting my own business was far from a smooth journey. I faced criticism and made countless sacrifices along the way. However, with the unwavering faith of my grandmother and my unyielding belief in my dreams, I persevered.

Today, my brand empowers women by employing a remarkable 90% female staff, providing them with the means to achieve financial independence.

My journey has been one defined by resilience, sacrifice, and unwavering determination, all guided by my mother's support. I encourage every person to embrace their passions and determination, for life is too short to leave a lasting impact.

Even if support from others is lacking, remember that women are exceptional multitaskers, and we possess the power to support ourselves and achieve greatness.

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