The Lockdown Robbed Me Of My Dreams; This Is My Story

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Today, after 45 days of lockdown, I sit under the dark black sky, laughing at myself and thinking about the week before lockdown. I feel like a bird whose feathers are cut by someone.

Well, it started around ten years back when I joined my first job at a salary of Rs.8000 per month. My family and I were very excited as in those times. My first job and a salary of Rs 8000 meant a lot at the time. I made it a point to save 15% of my salary every month. My parents thought that I saved that money for my travel plans, but all those savings were to follow my dreams.

Like any other person, I also faced a lot of ups and downs in these ten years of my career. Switching from one job to another, bad ratings, long working hours, not spending time with family, thought process difference with the boss, listening to your clients, and many other things like that were part and parcel of my job. I took all that calmly and patiently as I knew this was a part of the journey to follow my dream.

After working for ten years, I started earning a lac per month. I knew that the time had come for me to take a step forward to follow my dream. I left my job.

My family was shocked when they heard of my decision to leave the job. They wanted me to continue with that well-paying job and get settled in married life. But I unheard it all as that was the time I got my wings. I got my sky to fly high; it was the time to be my Boss. I registered for my firm.

Like a newly-married girl, I was too excited about my new business. I would get many instructions from my family and friends about the dos and don'ts of entering the business world. Everything seemed to work in my favor. It seemed as if I was sent to earth for this. Everything looked as if it was designed for me. I cracked a big deal with a well-known client. The project was about to start in a week. Everything was in line.

But an announcement made my dream world go upside down. 25th March 2020 was the day. The nationwide lockdown was announced.

I was one of the biggest fans of Mr. Narendra Modi. But that day, he seemed to come across like a villain of my love story. To me, my business, my startup, was my love. The step of lockdown was required, but the same step broke all my dreams. Things started to fade in front of my eyes.

I invested my lifelong savings in this startup of mine. The next day, I received a call from the client stating that they would have to cancel the project as their investors have kept the project on hold.

Now here I am, wondering for the past 45 long days watching the sky and believing that it will allow me to fly again.

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