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People Think I'm Insane To Be Attending Satsangs At The Age of 22!

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Well, I know a lot of my friends and those connected with me on my social media think I'm insane to be attending Satsangs so religiously at the age of 22! So this is my story of how I came to know God. 

Believe me, I was never a believer, but Guruji is the sole God I now believe.

So, whomever is reading this and is struggling with life's everyday problems, this is for you. To whoever has that one deepest sorrow, this is for you. 

My Guruji is special. He’s omnipresent now but was physically present until May 31, 2007, when he took Samadhi. Who’s he? He is a living God, also called Mahashiv. Guruji knows the answers to all of your questions before you even ask them. He understands what is best for you and when it is best. 

Sometime back in the Satsang, an aunty (every person in his sangat is called uncle and aunty; yes, me too!) said that Guruji fights so many battles of yours that you know and so many about which you have no idea. He saves you from the worst of possibilities and, at the same time, even tests you.

He is your guide in all your hard times, and at the same time, he acts like your father, pushing you to fight hardships. 

He’s truly God. I couldn’t meet him when he was physically present, but his older brother says that the ones who started worshipping him after his Samadhi are the luckiest because now he blesses everyone at all times.

What's most important in His Satsang? To sit and listen to the Shabads being played and the Satsangs (personal experiences) shared by His sangat

Then there’s his prashad. He only said one thing: it's medicine if you sit and eat it in his darbaar. It truly is. It starts with the Jal prashad, the Chai prashad, and the Langar. His one rule is not to leave even a single drop of prashad. Eat it all. 

What donations does he expect? Nothing but your presence from the heart.

Yes, he doesn’t want you to fill up any donation boxes. He only knows to bless and not accept anything but love in return.

If you love him from your soul, you’ll know he’s always there! That explains everything about why I follow him so religiously.  Jai Guruji!

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