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You Married The Man Who Wanted Me, But You Should Know How I Feel About This

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I hope you are doing good. Congratulations on getting married. I hope the marriage ceremony, although tedious, has brought joy to you and your family.

You must be wondering who I am. Let me introduce myself. I am the woman whom your now-husband had pursued and decided to get married. But unfortunately, that did not happen since his father was unhappy about the caste that I happen to belong to and told us this would be impossible.

We really loved and respected each other immensely. The camaraderie was absolutely amazing. I never thought such a thing exists, actually. We, however, had to forcefully let it all go since we did not want to hurt the sentiments of any family members.

His father fixed his marriage to you when he was asleep in the US, and I got to know about this when I saw your heart reaction to his profile picture which I had suggested. Seeing this, I took 100 steps back.

We struggled a lot to let go of each other. But eventually, we did bid goodbye. Now, don't you worry about us. It is all over. I would never burden anyone with all the emotions that I am going through right now.

I just want to let you know a few things about him. He is a wonderful person. He has a strict routine for himself and is a very organised person. He is very prompt with everything that he decides to take up. He loves a good hearty meal cooked at home (roti prepared from rice powder with groundnut chutney is his favourite. He loves chicken, fish and beef too). He is allergic to mushroom and make sure he has something hot after he eats cheese, or else he will end up with a sore throat next day.

He is good at sports. He works out regularly and keeps himself fit. He has no qualms about cleaning the house or the bathroom or washing the dirty dishes. He has lived alone far away from home for very long and has learnt to do a lot of things by himself. "Do it yourself" is his mantra.

He has a calm personality and the only thing which irritates him is any sort of disturbing, screeching noise, especially when he is concentrating on something.

Don't worry. He makes it a point to mention his discomfort in words alone with a good composure.

Although he does not burden others with his worries, you can understand what he is going through if you look closely. Don't let him go through it all alone.

He will keep you happy, make you laugh with funny faces. He will respect you, your family and friends more than how you would expect him to. He is a very good listener and will make extra efforts to make you feel comfortable. He is very romantic. He is loyal, dedicated and a hard working gentleman. He is a wonderful uncle. You might have observed that already. So without a doubt, I can say that he will make a wonderful dad along with being an incredible husband.

You have the love of my life as your husband. I love him. I always will. But I had to let go of him forcibly. I miss him. What once used to be a regular thing to just call up and speak my heart out to him is a long lost dream now. My only wish is to know that he is happy and healthy.

Please take care of my love.

Wish you a happy married life and all the joy that you deserve.

Thank you.

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