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Why Marriage Basically Means Freedom To Me

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My father thinks that a girl can only bring shame to the family. Well, then I would want to say that a daughter won't bring shame but a father with this despicable perception will definitely do so. To begin with, my father always had that aversion for me from the age I was too little to understand things. But never mind because it never hit straight to my thought process as he stayed abroad. Even my horoscope mentioned that I wouldn't have a great bond with my father. Well, it came true. 

I happened to meet an amazing person. That's when my father settled with us. He started checking my messages and started doubting on me. I continued to remain happy because of that beautiful soul who had met me. He gave me reasons to smile. When my father failed to disturb my peace of mind, he targeted my mother. She is disturbed and depressed because of him.

My boyfriend and I have completed seven years of a healthy relationship. My father is against us even though we don't have a caste issue between us. Even if my father doesn't support us, I don't give a damn. I feel so lucky to have met my life partner and I feel very positive towards life.

My life after marriage will be better and I'm looking forward to the next big thing in my life. He is the motto of my life and I feel so damn blessed to have him. I'm all set to welcome happiness!

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