Why I Was Forced To Write After Watching Kangana Ranaut On "Aap Ki Adalat"

Richa Kumari Richa Kumari in Single Women Bad Women on 15 September, 2017

I recently happened to watch the entire interview of Kangana Ranaut on "Aap Ki Adaalat" and after a long time, I was compelled to pen down a lot of emotions that I don't usually.

To clarify, this is not about women harassment or even remotely related to sexism. If it is anything it is all but "feminism".

A girl who studied science till 12th grade, a liberal arts graduate and a finance postgraduate, my life at times has been as confusing as my transition in my academics.

All this while I knew one thing - your success is a function of your qualifications, money, looks, "sanskaars" and so on, with unlimited mathematical operations applied that probably goes beyond the concept of calculus. And sadly but honestly your desires, your feelings, your emotions placed itself in the denominator of that function.

In the course of this little life I have lived till now, it is crucial to know what's not to choose than to choose. We have chosen to be society-driven human shaped robots who reside and operate in a universe of man created rules and regulations.

I am one of those who can be as vulnerable when in love and insolent when in hate. But I have learnt to be resilient.

Coming back to Kangana's interview, this woman dared for good or bad I won't comment. Irrespective of the gender, as a world we still repel people who are so emotionally open. It doesn't take us more than a few seconds to call them fools who do not know how to be smart in public. But what we don't realize is that emotions are everything but smart because they breed not from your brain.

What she shared about her sentiments are relatable but non-acceptable because it is a reflection of weakness. Weakness, because we as a society have conditioned ourselves to ridicule such thoughts since it somehow diminishes our chances to glory.

Yes, with great effort I admit I too have poured out my heart to people, seeking answers to my heart being broken. Some made fun, some got scared but nobody understood. I got through the journey, from being an emotional fool to embracing my emotional insecurity.

It is indeed very difficult and heart-wrenching to be someone who does not believe in calculating emotions to make it proportionate to smartness. There isn't a guideline to your feelings. We talk about depression and how it is curbing many into death but we will remain insensitive because MBA teaches you be a corporate slave and slaves should be insensitive.

In the end, if you walk with the rest, you will reach the common destination but you would never discover another path to contentment.