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Where We're Really Going Wrong When We Talk About Women In This "Free World"

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*For representational purpose only.

Before I begin, I would like to state, that what I’m about to express below, is solely my own opinion and I hope that no one’s sentiments are hurt.

Let’s talk about women. And their role in this ‘free world’.

Criticism and praise are two sides of women’s liberalization.

Women’s Liberalization: this isn’t just two words strung together, but the belief and hope that women, can live, in quality in any society.

The Dictionary definition: A movement to combat sexual discrimination and to gain fully legal, economic, vocational, educational and social rights and opportunities for women. Equal to those of men.

Very few feminists have truly understood this sentence.

They have forgotten the prime ideology of being equal and asks only for equal pay, equal job opportunity and equal rights.

At the end of fighting for these rights, they are the ones who leave their home with bags packed with gifts, the modern-day dowry.

And what about the homes they grew up in? Where sons were allowed to travel the world, but women had to stay safe at home?

Or learn how to cook and clean for their husband?

Why can’t a boy come to his in-laws’ house? Or take her surname after they’re married?

Why aren’t these feminists fighting for these basic rights?

Consider two glasses: one is empty and the other is half-filled.

To make them appear congruent, we can either take some water from the half-filled one and pour it into the other or throw the water away entirely, leaving them both empty.

Women, are like the half-filled glass and men, the empty one. Instead of throwing the water, we should try to fill the empty glass.

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