What My Uncle Made Me Do To Him Changed Me Forever

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 31 August, 2017

When you are born a female, you will be used every time and everywhere, by this kind called ‘men’. 

I am sure most of us tend to cherish our childhood memories, but my days as a child were scary. They were filled with lots of fears because of the men in my life.

I was 9 when my younger sister was admitted to the hospital due to jaundice. My mom was staying with my sister in the hospital while I was home with my dad and maternal uncle (mom’s brother). It was at this time that I began to sense something wrong with my uncle's behaviour towards me, but I chose to let it go.

After some days, something horrible happened to me. That day, dad was coming home late from work and so, I slept in my parents' room. I hadn’t realised when my uncle stepped into my room and slept next to me. He started opening my pajamas and rolled his fingers near my private parts. I was in utter shock, I couldn’t move.

I was scared that if I opened my mouth, things may get worse.

This continued to happen with me almost every night from that day onward. One day, after returning home from school, he tried to touch me inappropriately again. But that moment I decided that enough was enough. I didn't know from where I mustered up the courage, but I slapped him and hit him at the same place where he tried to touch me. He was appalled at my reaction and left me alone.

I guess that situation had changed me and made me a stronger person. Now, I am fully capable of taking care of myself and handling the people who would behave with me in an inappropriate manner.

When you find yourselves in tough situations, you must have a positive outlook and slam down the people and events that let us down. You must come out of that fear of getting used and broken.

Because, life is more beautiful than you think.


Editor's Note:

Sometimes, all it needs is a few moments of courage to stand up for yourself. Share this story if you believe that fearlessness and bravery lie beyond the boundary called 'courage'.