What Happened With My Ex Girlfriend Shocked Me And I'm Glad I Don't Have A Sister

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 16 May, 2017

In our society today, feminism is gaining momentum and everyone wants to be heard speaking of it and supporting it. All this is well and good, but I am bothered by the way everyone speaks about it only in groups. Why doesn’t anyone show courage when they are alone? Why do women feel insecure when they have to speak up in public, alone?

If someone is still reading this, I would like to share an incident with them to help them understand my point of view. An incident happened with my ex- girlfriend, some years ago that still bothers me.

She used to go for her coaching classes to a teacher who started touching her inappropriately and tried to molest her. She told me about this after some time. I was not in town then and could not personally go to the teacher and give him a piece of what he deserved.

But, because I couldn't be there for her, I asked her to stand up for herself, file a complaint and take legal action against him. I told her that I would support her all the way in this. But, she stopped me.

What shocked me, however, was that it was her mother who had asked her to keep quiet about this incident and not tell anyone about it.

My ex-girlfriend told me how her mother had spoken to the teacher and how he now behaved himself. Like that sorted the matter out?! Her mother even explained to her how she was a girl and if society came to know about this incident, she would have to suffer, while her teacher would probably just get a slap on the wrist and walk away, free. I heard all this with my blood boiling. I felt so helpless, back then. And even today, it continues to bother me.

I often wonder how many such incidents happen every day without being reported. How can we let people who molest our friends, our sisters, our daughters walk free? Maybe I am not smart enough to understand the ways of our society and how this world works, but if this is the way things work then I have to ask - where did we go wrong? Why do girls still feel so insecure that they have to learn to accept and live with such atrocities? But, I also feel thankful. Thankful that I don't have a sister! For I wouldn't have been able to teach her "these ways of the world".

In the end, I would just like to say that if anything like this happens with you or with anyone around you, please speak up. Help yourself. There are people who will support you. And then, who knows maybe you could save someone else from suffering through the same fate.

Editor's Note:

Share this story to encourage everyone to speak up against anyone who tries to molest them or outrage their dignity. True feminism believes in equality of men and women. It need not be shouted of from rooftops, but should be practiced daily in instances like this.