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We Were In It Together Until The Day He Stood In Front Of Our Parents And Lied

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I have a story to tell and maybe I could write a whole book about it and call it 'Fake Love'.

When I was 16, I fell in love with his charming face. He was my neighbour and our families were good friends with each other. His mom liked me too. He was 18 at that time.

I have no idea when he started falling in love with me, or when I started developing feelings for him, but we were at the beginning of our love story.

One day, I was going to my coaching classes and he figured out where I was headed. The next day onwards, he started following me. We were already good friends at that time and he offered to drop me off, so I accepted. That day, he proposed to me.

I didn't know how to respond to him so I did the one thing any 16-year-old girl could do- I ran to my best friend for help. Her reasoning was "Everyone has a boyfriend these days, so why shouldn't you?"

I thought about it for a while and decided to accept his proposal. Eventually, I began loving him genuinely. And so did he, or that's what he claimed. But he hurts me time and again, and we began to start fighting a lot for no reason at all. In the end, he promised me sweet things and told me that he really loved me. I still have no idea what type of love it was that was so acidic. He never bothered to respect my feelings.

One day, my mother found out all about us. I lied to her just to protect him and to make sure she didn't go over to talk to his family. I had to face her rudeness and anger just because of him. But in the end, my mother gave me one chance to end things with him and erase it all.

But you know that love is blind and you never realize it when you are actually in love. I learnt this the hard way too. I was at the peak of my stupidity and I neglected my mother's offer to turn a new leaf. So my mom became a tough parent and told everything to his folks. So, my father came to know about it too.

The situation at home became hell, and I was choking on my own panic. Everyone was scolding me and punishing me. It felt like I was trapped inside my own body and I had no safe space in my own home. I had only one hope for solace and that was my boyfriend. The least I could expect out of this dreadful situation was his support. And that is when I realized that everything he had claimed in his love was fake. HE WAS A FAKE LOVER.

In the end, his only agenda was to protect himself. So he put all the blame on me in front of both our families. I don't think I was that humiliated or lonely ever in my life. I broke down completely. It was the lowest point of living. I had hit rock bottom because the one person I had trusted left me in the lurch.

I haemorrhaged tears that day, but not as much as I haemorrhaged my ability to have faith in love. I will never trust a guy again.

As time passed by, things at home became normal again. My parents forgave me for my stupidity. I blame myself for this mess. If I hadn't trusted him so much, I would never have hurt my parents.

I cannot believe that he could own up to the relationship he wanted for himself. He was the one who got me into it but when the pressure came, he left me fighting alone for both of us. What was the point of telling me 'I Love You' a hundred times a day if he couldn't put one single sentence together in my defence? In OUR defence? He deserves nothing and nobody.

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