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We Were Happily Married Till My Brother-In-Law Decided To Destroy My Life

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It was love at first sight in a typical arranged marriage.

We met through our parents on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. It was our first meeting and I couldn't talk much, though I wished I could. Later, it was decided by both the families that we must talk to each other during our next meet.

One day he came along with his father and we were allowed to sit and converse. We were talking for the first time but he was very honest and I liked it. While I was also clear about my expectations, to which he agreed. My parents wanted to know my opinion about him and I  told them that they could take the matter ahead. He waited for my reply, though he had already given his consent.

That evening, we went to ISKCON temple in Mysuru and there I shared my thoughts with him and he was very happy. Everything was fine and the next day both the families agreed to make the rest of the arrangements. Everything happened fast and we both were happy and were madly in love with each other. The marriage date was fixed and finally, we got married.

But I didn't know that my happiness would be so short lived. Within a month of our marriage, we had an argument and he hit me.

It came as my biggest nightmare as I never expected this and I rushed to my parents' house because I was frightened. After a few days, we had a discussion at his place and he told that he will never do that again. Even I didn’t want to leave him as I was so in love. We went back and stayed together, things were set right between us but every time misunderstandings crept in.

To my surprise, his elder, unmarried brother started interfering in our lives. There was a time when he got transferred to Bangalore and he came to stay with us. He interfered a lot and passed comments on my clothes, my hairdo and tried creating a lot of miscommunication between me and my husband.

He even dared to come and touch me. On intimating about the same to my husband, he didn't believe me and thought that I was trying to create a rift between the two brothers. I was left alone to face the situations, despite being with him.

My husband also abused me on the instigation of his brother. Later I learnt that his brother was not happy with our marriage as he was still unmarried and no girl wanted to marry him. Many of his proposals went rejected. He had great influence on my hubby who maintained silence because he couldn’t take independent decisions and was very dependent upon his brother in making decisions. His brother was taking advantage of the situation.

Unfortunately, even my father-in-law had given his elder brother the authority to make decisions in our house. My brother-in-law misused all his rights and has spoilt our relationship.

There came a time, when my husband broke my phone, hit me again and locked me inside the room because my brother-in-law wanted him to do that. The sad part is that my husband does not have the guts to take an independent decision and stand against his brother.

As I am writing, today it has been 5 months and I'm not staying with my husband.

I owe my gratitude to my brother-in-law who brought such a bad day upon me.

He has damaged our relationship in such a way that my husband has gone to an extent of stating that I am teaching him wrong things in life. He accuses me of breaking his peace into pieces and he says that he does not want to know who is actually the culprit, even though everyone is trying to explain to him the real reason.

With hope in my heart, I still wait for the day when he would realize his mistakes. I'm not sure if ever he would understand the reality, and the sad part is that I still love him.

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