To The Woman Thanking Her Husband's Mistress: She Chose A Happy Life For You

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 18 June, 2017

This is a reply to the story: 'Thank you My Husband's Mistress'.

No offence!

Ma'am so who do you think is at fault? Your cheater husband? Or that lady whom you just called a MISTRESS? Obviously I am not saying what that lady did was right but neither is your husband sweetie! Come on, open your eyes.


Okay let’s start like this. Your husband told you that the lady wanted a physical relationship with him. Did you ask the other woman if it was true?

Your husband narrated these events to you and you blindly believed him.

What if it was with mutual consent? What if your husband just lied to you for the sake of your marriage?

Cheating is wrong but remember he neither loves her nor you. He is just a cheater. If he can do it once, he can do it again. How can you accept a person like him? I know that Miss. A was guilty too. But how can you say that your husband is a saint? Okay think from the other person's point of view. You say that she gave you your husband. Ma'am the thing that is yours will always be yours. Another person need not give it to you. Right?


Okay, next she gave you your rights. Right? Your husband is guilty, hence he is trying to cover up. She was selfless. She could have filed a complaint against him and could have shown him what exactly a lady and a mistress can do.

But no, she chose a happy life for you and your dearest husband.

No ma'am, don't call your relation a 6 year old relationship. Time span doesn’t matter. I am sure she wasn't the first one. It’s just that you caught him with her, that’s why you are blaming her. Trust me, there were more and there will be more. May be your husband had made her believe that she was the one torturing him. Maybe he convinced her that she was the only love of his life. This could also be the case.

What if she loved him? And are you really happy? What makes you happy about gaining a disloyal man? How do you know for sure that he is not cheating on you now?

Whatever respect and rights that you are enjoying now are just some favours on you and it is what you want. It is not love. You'll realise it soon.

You both equally broke a soul. You should have understood before calling the other girl a mistress. You believed what your husband wanted you to believe. You are with him for your materialistic benefits.

He is with you for the assurance of a physical relationship and social guilt, nothing else.
Author's Note:

You both are at fault and probably not Miss A.

Editor's Note:

Everyone is fighting their own battles. One is in love with a married man, the other is in an extra marital affair, while the other is enjoying her new found bliss. Who do you think is at fault? Share the story and let us know about your opinion.