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To The Mother Who Is My Support System: Thank You For Not Getting Me Married

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To my mother who is my support system,

Being the fourth daughter (and the last) of my family, I was pampered so much that my sisters often were jealous of me (till date they are). I was called the 'spoiled brat' in my family and my friends' circle. People often used to tell my parents that raising four children, that too girls, must have been so difficult.

My parents proudly used to tell them, "They are our pillars, we don’t need sons.”

The biggest tragedy happened six years ago on 9th June 2010 when our world was shaken. My dad, my strength, my lifeline was taken away from me. He left me in this cruel world to suffer alone. But I am happy that he went away because it was difficult for us to see him suffer in that state. That’s when my mom had to take all my responsibility.

Right from handling my stubbornness to my football practices and then to my exams. She became my lifeline.

I still remember the day when I got done with my hotel management course and got a job abroad, the first person I gave this good news to was my mom. Although I knew she couldn’t see me going so far away from her, she still supported me.

That's also when I realised that society is a big sh** hole. The time I finished graduation, everyone was after my mother's life to get me married so that she could let go off her burden. However, she chose my career before this backward mindset. Till date everyone is pushing my mom stating, "Don’t let your child fly so high that she goes on the wrong path or just vanishes away." But my mom never listens to them.

And here I am right now, a supervisor at a reputed hotel abroad. I have my own house and I'm getting my mom here for a vacation now. And ya, I am still not married and still no boyfriend. Living life queen size.

Thank you ma for everything, thank you for letting me be and achieving my dreams against all odds.

Love you ma

-From the apple of your eye, your youngest daughter.

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