To The Man Of The House, There's A Reason Why I'm Still With You

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 27 July, 2017

It was a day that every girl dreams of. I was about to get married. It was the month of December in the year 2007.

I was so happy when that day came. I felt I had found the love of my life for myself.

It has almost been 10 years now. The initial days were so good. I had thanked God for the gift he had given me in the form of my husband. I was so so so happy and used to thank God for giving me such a lovely caring understanding husband.

Then we were blessed with a sweet little boy ‘Meri Jaan’ in 2010. Still the initial time was good.

But during my pregnancy my father-in-law came to visit us. He filled my husband’s ears with so many negative thoughts against me and my parents. I even went to a doctor to get an abortion in the 5th month of my pregnancy.

The doctor was too good. He helped me and counselled me to give birth to my baby.

But my father-in-law was bi***ing about me behind my back. So my husband used to thrash me like anything.

Then he went back and things started falling back in line. Years passed by. I was satisfied with the little bit of happiness that I got. But I got a shock when my mom was detected with the last stage of cancer. I started looking after her as we are only two sisters and don’t have a brother.

Now again my father-in-law got a chance to fill my husband’s ears.

Meanwhile my mom’s condition was getting worse day by day. He was getting time to add to the fire…..

Last year my mom expired. They all had something in their heads to fight with me. A full year has passed by and we are not on talking terms with each other. We are staying in one house but like enemies. These days he has stopped eating the food made by me. He beats me up like anything.

I am not getting the strength to leave his house. Every time this thought comes to my mind, my 6.5 years old son comes in front of me. What will happen to him if I take such a decision?

Author's Note:

Why do in-laws always think we are their property and can be beaten up by them.



Editor's Note:

Do share this story so that this lovely lady realizes how strong she actually is to continue living under such adverse circumstances. Let us applaud her love for her child. But first let us salute the spirit of this beautiful mother.