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“Tie The Dog!” Said The Man And Eliza Wouldn't Stop Barking

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Everyone is sharing stories about their relationships, marriage or family problems. I want to share a story about a different kind of friendship.

My best friend does not speak a single word to me. Yet she has saved me from being killed or worse still, being raped. My best friend’s name is Eliza and she is a 2 year old Labrador.

My family adopted her when she was just a puppy of two months. Soon, I fell completely in love with her. There are no words that can measure my love for her. Needless to say, she reciprocates my love completely.

My mother does not like dogs. So, I always have some problems with her regarding Eliza. Eliza is very calm and friendly. She does not bark even if a stranger, like one of my friends, comes to my house. My mother would always say that Eliza would not even bark even if a thief came to our house.

One day, my parents went to visit my uncle. I was all alone at home because it was a holiday. My house is very old and has a medieval look. Our nearest neighbour lives quite far away from us. I can see my neighbour’s house if I stand on my verandah but they cannot hear me if I call out to them.

Anyway, on that day, at around one in the afternoon, a handicapped man came to our house. He had a bad leg and could not walk properly. It was summers so nobody was around. He pressed the bell. I went out but did not open the gate at once. I could see him from behind the grill and asked him what he wanted.

He said that he had come from an organization of handicapped children who make agarbattis. He asked me to buy some packets. I felt bad when I saw his condition. The heat outside was unbearable. He also asked for some water. I was about to open the gate, when Eliza came out of the room. She was barking loudly like a mad dog. All the hair along her back was upright and she was barking and growling at the man. I was so confused.

The man said, “Tie the dog!” I was confused. I did not have the heart to send the man away without giving him water but Eliza would not stop barking. I brought a bottle of water, held Eliza by her collar, opened the gate and gave him water. Without any warning, Eliza jumped on him and he fell on the ground. I went to grab her but the man was shoving her aside.

He then stood properly on two legs and started running away. Eliza followed him. I ran after Eliza. Eliza bit the man several times. The local people came out hearing the humdrum and caught hold of him.

I found his bag lying on our porch. I found some agarbattis, a big knife, duck tape and a rope in it. The man was handed over to the police. I hugged Eliza and sobbed with happiness.

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