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This Poem Is The Definition Of Why India Doesn't Deserve Another Daughter

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*For representational purpose only.

To Our Unborn Child, Our deepest desire, 

We wish we could hold you in our arms and tell you a lullaby,

We yearn to hear you giggle and to kiss your soft feet,

You are our biggest dream which we could not realize,

We do not regret our decision,

But we miss your presence.

You are not even in our memory,

We have never met you,

But we have realized you in the depth of our parenthood,

We wish we could tell you in person,

The reason behind our decision.

It is not complicated but it is not also that simple.

The world we live in has left meager space for humanity,

Human species is the destroyer of humanity,

How could we let you come to this world?

Knowing how it is going to treat you! 

How can one do this to his own child?

We will have only one regret,

We did not let you enter this world,

But we will have the satisfaction,

We have saved one child from being molested,

We have saved one child from being burnt down,

We have saved one child from being cut down,

By the fanatics, whatever their agenda maybe. 

We will have this satisfaction,

We have saved one child,

From the atrocities of humanity. 

Our dear child, if you let us call you that,

You are in that world,

Where human instincts have no power,

Where love has no bounds,

Where you can be you without any restriction,

Where we don’t have to fear for your safety. 

That is why we did not allow you to come to us,

For, we will be there shortly with you,

We have full faith in human spirituality.

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