What My Father Did When He Found Out About My Boyfriend

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 10 August, 2017

I was in 12th standard. My family got to know that I was in love with a guy. They opposed me and tried to tell me that it was my age to concentrate on my studies and career ahead. Everyone stopped talking to me except my father.

Even he tried to convince me. But I wanted to get married to the boy I loved. My father told me that it was just infatuation and not love.

My father supported me and without opposing me, tried to convince me further that he wanted me to currently focus on my education and career. He promised to get me married to the guy I loved. He asked me to first explore myself and prioritise things in my life.

My boyfriend also promised to be by my side. I felt confident and went ahead with my education and was the topper in my class. After three years, I was also the topper in my graduation. Now I'm preparing for my CAT exam.

We will be getting engaged by this December. My father's advice was the best. I thoroughly followed it and he kept up his promise to get me married to the one I love. I can't be happier!