This Is How You Date A Smart Woman

Hema Krishnamurthy Hema Krishnamurthy in Single Women Bad Women on 31 May, 2017

The matchmaking interview is awful especially in arranged marriages as you don't know the other person. One of my friends had been through this process only to come out with some jokes that always made us laugh.

He: I heard that you work in a hospital.

She: I'm a surgeon.


He: Thank god you are not a doctor for I can't marry one.

What should she have said? She kept herself mum and controlled her laughter for the next one hour listening to all the crap he had to say.

To become a smart woman, she had been through a lot in life. Now that she was a smart woman, she knew what is that she wanted. Smart women are usually single but very strong and sensible. 

Many people complain that 'this woman is dominating’ but no! It’s not her dominance but it's her strength. Strong women are not intimidating as is depicted by weaker men but are very sensible only if you see their true spirit. They support you and they stand by your side if you can acknowledge their real strength.


Few men say ‘she has too much attitude’. Again this is absolutely wrong. It’s not her attitude but her smartness. She knows what she deserves it so why would she ever settle for less. She will never take any of your s*** for she knows her worth. She can't be lied to or be manipulated because she has seen enough in life. 

To a smart woman, it is respect that precedes love. She can't stand it if you have damaged her self-esteem. She won't even think twice before dumping you if you dare harm it. For her, respect in not a matter of words but a matter of actions.

Being macho does not mean you have a moustache. Having just a moustache is a sign of masculinity. But just being masculine doesn’t make you a man. A man is someone who respects everyone for what they are.

She can't take foolishness or stupidity from a man. Along with emotional balance, she wants a man who can match her intellect. All that matters to her is not his educational qualifications but his intelligence. A smart woman can't stand an ignorant, dumb man.

She doesn't believe that love means roses, fancy dinners or luxurious vacations; for her, love is passion. She needs a life partner not to make her happy because she is already happy but to make life easier and better.

If you think, you are dating a smart woman or if your wife is a smart woman, there is only one way to win her heart and that is to allow her to be herself.
Editor's Note:

Stepping out of a relationship if your self-respect is at stake is a sign of smartness. Share this story if you agree.