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Dear Ex Boyfriend, Love And Infatuation Are Two Different Things

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*For representational purpose only.

Hey, Mister!

I'm writing this so that you read and understand that girls are not objects to use and leave.

Love and infatuation are two different things. Promises are not meant to be broken.

Relationships are precious and last but not the least, do not waste someone's life for your fun! What happened when you broke up with your ex and got into a relationship with me?

I thought that it was a mutual decision for the both of you. So I misunderstood and now I know how she must have felt when you broke up with her because you broke up with me for the same reason- long distance relationship. Now drawing the similarities in both cases, you broke up within 2 months of staying away from each other and got into another relationship within 2 days after that.

Are we just your muse to fulfill your romantic needs? Do you remember how you celebrated our first Valentine's Day? A rose for the rose day, chocolate for the chocolate day, kiss for kiss day and all others and a proposal for Valentine's day.

I thought you loved me because I reciprocated those feelings with small surprises, love letters and endless conversations.

I thought you were also in love with me. Little did I know that it was your infatuation. Because love doesn't go away within a month of long distance after being together for 2 years. Love grows and I fought for our relationship because I loved you. You promised that you will never leave and always keep me happy. You promised that you will never love another girl like you loved me. You promised to marry me and make our life a fairy tale. I believed in those promises and for you, those were just words.

Are relationship's a joke for you? You wanted me so you approached me and kept approaching until I was comfortable and was ready to get in a relationship with you. Now when you are no longer able to see me for a day, what do you do? You break up with me and approach another girl? So you had fun with me for 2 years and now you are having fun with another girl.

What about me? I'm not able to forget those memories. I spent my 2 years nurturing our relationship and what were you doing for those 2 years? I really wish this message reaches you. And I wish that the girl realizes the truth about you.

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