They Say Long Distance Never Works, But Ten Years Later, You’re Still The Only Man I’ll Ever Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 26 June, 2018

I miss you so much right now! Oh, how I long to just hold you and kiss you and to never let go of you. Every time we are apart, my heart longs to freeze time and hold on to those moments we spent together and stretch them to eternity. I love you so much and it never seems enough no matter how many times I tell it to you. I cannot even begin to explain the internal battle raging within me every time I leave you and go away for work. I yearn to just run back into your arms and forget of the tasks waiting for me because being in the cocoon of your warmth is like being home.

I don’t know how we have been doing it all this while.

I don’t understand how we have had the strength to follow our separate paths to achieve a future that always seems just within reach, but which never is. Today, I’ve once again left you to go back to work, and all through the ride back to the city, I kept praying, “God, please, let this be the last time. Bring us together; enough distance we have bared. We have been doing this for ten long years, please work a miracle; I can't bear it any longer.”


That day when you thought that I was lost and climbed that mountain searching for me, you won my heart. Never, in a million years, did I think I would find a man who would, quite literally, climb mountains for me. And the way you hugged me and smiled at me when you realized I was safe, my heart stopped beating.

I still have trouble believing that you did that for me.

You are my strength when I’m weak; you’re the shoulder I lay on, day and night. You wipe away all my tears, withholding your own to keep from upsetting me. You treat me like a precious gem. I love you so much that sometimes I have difficulty in expressing the magnitude of it; no words could do justice to the way I feel about you. I miss you like crazy right now and all I want to do I run away with you. I want to hold onto you and never let you go. I want to cover any distance between us permanently so that we can finally have our happily ever after. I love you so much, it has consumed my very being.

Editor's Note:

It is a common saying that long-distance relationships don't work. Couples end up fighting and there develop trust issues between them until it all gradually falls apart. But that doesn't always have to be true. Share this couple's incredible love story which stands as a testament to the fact that if you are willing to work hard enough, even a thousand miles wouldn't matter.