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They Called Me "Moti" And I Turned It Into My Strength

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Dear All,

I am Deepika. A 23 year old Youtuber, lifestyle influencer and fashion blogger.

Growing up with chubby cheeks is cute till your childhood only but as you grow with healthy or little fat thighs or cheeks, people start judging you. I always faced nasty and mean comments and also lots of unsolicited advice and judgemental looks about my figure. You can block the noise from unknown ones but can't ignore the comments coming from your own known ones.

In fact you start treating all these comments as your reality because the same thing you hear over and over again. I got many comments like, "you should lose some weight", "moti", "you are not good for fashion or outfit videos", "you would look prettier if you lose weight, so why don't you join the gym" and many more.

As I am a few kilos or size extra than what is considered as normal, I accepted these comments and started thinking of losing weight and thinking that one day all these people will stop saying all these things. I also thought that they are saying all this because of concern and I should listen to them.

So after a few years, I started blogging but I was really very much concerned about my body and did not post many revealing pictures. Then I started Youtube back in 2019, and whenever I would do a fashion video, I would get nasty comments about my body type and also I become the fun topic of the conversation in my friend circle sometimes.

It was more sad when I saw girls commenting and telling me that I don't have any fashion sense because I am fat or chubby.

Soon one of my known ones told me not to do fashion and outfit inspiration videos and suggested me to take my sister as a model for showcasing outfits because she's beautiful and has a perfect body. Some people would also ask me how come I ended up with fashion blogging and Youtube because they felt it needed perfect body type people only. They even suggested me to drop this field because if I'll continue I will only get disappointments and failures.

I never even realized when all these got to me and I found myself face tuning /body tuning almost every picture and started clicking pictures from a particular angle, where my body didn't look heavy or fatty and what not, to look slimmer and beautiful. But, each passing day and year made me realize that it's all in my head. That only looks matter and not your skills.

However all this negativity and all these experiences made me realize that beauty comes from the inner soul and your skills make you different and compatible for any field. I also got a lot of positive motivation from my very close ones, my friends, my parents- made me super confident and super enthusiastic.

Now I wear everything, anything, anywhere and those negative comments which sometimes used to make me feel like giving up on my passion; now those comments don't affect me a lot.

So, this is my little story- all about me and my life. Sharing all the positive strength and positive energy with all the girls and women out there and sending lots of love and peace to them and lots of self confidence and much strength to them.

In the end, I just want to say to all the women and girls out there- please trust yourself and be confident about your body type and never neglect yourself and please love yourself and your body.

Thank you

Lots of love


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