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The Night He Forcefully Kissed Me I Realized That I Can Never Be Friends With A Man Again

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I was doing my graduation and went for a training for 15 days when I first met him. It was my first day at the training, everyone greeted each other, then I heard a voice saying "she is new to this session so she is our junior, we should have a ragging session for her". It was little awkward to me to hear this in a training. I reverted firmly that I am one of them now so there is no chance of anything like ragging. I made it clear that if someone wants to know about me then they can ask directly. There were many students from different states and areas, we formed a group. We would hang out with our team daily after training and became good friends. We are 5 of us from the same place. I was living in a hostel at that time. They came every day to meet me, including him.

We have been friends for 3 years now. He was seeing one of my friends and I had always made fun of them. Then one winter I shifted from my hostel to a flat all alone and they were always there to help me out with everything. I became best friends with him.

One December night, he decided to stay at my place with his girlfriend but all of sudden, his girlfriend had to go to her home due to some issues. We had our dinner and called it a night. I told him that he could sleep on my bed and I prepared to sleep on my carpet. It was about 2 at night when I felt something on my hand. I got scared and was about to scream, then he said, “keep quiet, it only me.” I said, “are you crazy? What the hell?” This is how are conversation went: Him - I am not able to sleep. Me - go and call your girlfriend then. Him - I want to confess something. Me - What? He went on to say, “it was our first meeting since I’ve fallen for you. I didn’t want to ruin your relationship so I kept quiet but now it’s not bearable for me to see you with someone you don't deserve."

I told him that he had lost his mind because I was so happy with my relationship. He then forced me to the wall and kissed me. I couldn't even imagine that this would happen, and I slapped him.

I don't know what had come over him and he continued to kiss me. Then he left me and said that he loves me a lot and cannot see me with anyone else. I pulled his arm and took him to the main door. After that day I never saw him again. I don't want to be friends with anyone now. I am still wondering why a girl and a boy cannot be just friends?

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