The Harsh Truth About Being "Just A Woman": Deal With It

Gehena Thilakesh Gehena Thilakesh in Single Women Bad Women on 15 September, 2017

Women, they're all around us. As a Mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, fiancé, whomever. And what do we do? Nothing. We're just humans after all. We can get beaten up, raped, molested whatever, it's normal. We can be disrespected, ignored, undervalued and taken for granted. So what? We're just women. What's so special about us? We're given endless stares just because we have a body, we're called fat, thin, ugly, s***s, w****s and judged by everyone around us. But so what?

We're just women right. We're supposed to deal with it. Some people say women have a greater threshold for pain while some say women need to learn to put up with this stuff because we're women, we don't have a choice. We don't have a voice. Even if we do, we're not allowed to raise it.

Now, not all of us are physically harassed. Yet. So we won't really do anything about those who are, other than feeling sorry. And then? Forget about it. 9 in 10 girls are molested at least once in their lives, which goes unnoticed.


As women, we possess tremendous patience. Sometimes we inherit it, sometimes we cultivate it. So no matter who treats us however, we suck it up and pretend like nothing ever happened. They say "Behind a successful man is a woman." But "Behind every successful woman is herself." Based on individual mindset, this contrast can be perceived in two ways: The first and most common, men need support to succeed while women don't require any. Or the second and the bitter truth, men get the support they need while women don't get any so they learn to support themselves.

It scares the hell out of me, being a woman, to think of bringing my daughter into this world. I don't ever want her to put up with anything that I have. It would kill me if some silly guy came and broke her heart in fifteen seconds, a heart that I would have taken nine months to create and a lifetime to protect.

This world has become such that we're not just scared for ourselves anymore, we're also scared for our posterity. Women are deprived of most things men are entitled to enjoy. The first being respect. Men have to be respected by default in all walks of life. Why? Because they're men. But as women we're told to earn the respect we think we deserve.

We're told "If you want to be respected, behave that way." Because, we're just women. Again, we can be taken for granted. We can be suppressed or disrespected in any way because we're not really going to do anything about it. Again we're going to be patient about it and deal with it like always. It's so sad that women are put in such positions where nowadays we are used to these things. Only because we are patient. I don't know if I should term this patience as a boon or a curse.


But I'll tell you what, this patience won't last forever. None of us are saints or gods. We're humans. We can only put up with something until the very brink of our threshold. Some women respond with revolt but most, sadly break. Most women who are harassed or raped end up committing suicide. Not because they don't have the strength to fight, but because they've lost the belief that they can fight. They don't lose strength. They lose hope. Hope in humanity.

What I want to say today is, look around. Look at the women around you that play pivotal roles in your life. The only things they need are love, appreciation and respect. They don't expect much. These women, will go to any extent to turn your dreams into reality. These women, have the strength to fight the world for you. Their needs are simple. A diamond necklace won't make me as happy as someone telling me they're happy to have me in their life. Women are capable of giving you the kind of exhilarating love you can't envision. Value your women. They can do things for you that nobody else can.

Sometimes you take her for granted,
Sometimes you don't value her,
Sometimes you tell her things that make her lose faith,
Sometimes you break her,
Sometimes you make her feel like she's of no relevance in your plans of life.

But there are times when she looks at you asleep and she tells herself that she'll seize the world for you,

There are times when you don't even notice and she's made your dreams hers,
There are times when she cries at nights because she's scared you'll break her heart,
There are times when she wishes you wouldn't do something but waits until you realise it yourself,
There are times when she doesn't say things only to avoid a fight with you,
There are times when she doesn't tell you when she's had a bad day because you've had a good one,

There are times when she apologises for something that's not her fault because her ego doesn't matter in comparison to yours.

We don't expect the moon in return, just love that's shown, goes a long way.

Keep her, cherish her, value her, don't be the reason for her tears (she has enough already), don't take her patience for granted and more importantly, acknowledge her. Because one day you'll wake up and she'll be long gone, and you'll regret everything you didn't do to make her stay.

Yes, we're just women. But we can do things that men can't fathom. Maybe that's why God chose us to create life and not men. Maybe that's why nature gave us the strength to endure pain every single month for fifty years of our lives.
Author's Note:

So look around, and thank your women for tirelessly living and making your life better along the way. Thank your women for the smiles they've given you. Every woman is special. Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess. We love you! 

Editor's Note:

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